Time to nerf the Huskarl or changing the Goths bonus

The Huskarl of course is the most stupid annoying unit in the game that the Goths have, and with their sick discount in castle (30%) it’s cost became (56f, 28g) so it is cheap and easly to mass with their UT Anarchy.
The Huskarl have sick 6 Pierce armor and eat buildings easly too, this sick unit need a nerf for sure i don’t even how the devs thinking by making a unit stupid tanky like this?! I mean if you are an archer civ and the stupid Goths player hit the castle and start mass his crazy Huskarls it is “gg” your archers, your invest for ranges became nothing in second and will totally now try to shift to something that can stop those sick units and it is not easy at all.

I have 2 suggestion to nerf this sick unit:
1-Reducing the pierce armor of Huskarl from 6 to 4
2-Apply only 20% discount on the Huskarl not more than this at all

About Goths i find their discount is too high, so suggest to (-5%) of their discount each age.

This unit is totally broken and with the dirty Goths style now of laming by their last bonuses this civ became a cancer in the game, even yesterday i watched a game between Hera and MBL which MBL was Goths with his psycho playing of laming too and Hera was briton and totally just “gg” he totally couldn’t do anything against this cancer especially with their discount. Frankly! I prefer to play against Incas Trush rahter than playing against this cancer civ Goths.

I would reduce his base attack, remove bonus vs buildings and add in compensation a couple of points more of attack vs archers. Its is ok they eat arrows, but the buildings… they eat them too… It is too much



Nerf the only solid unit that Goths have to raid and destroy buildings, and wtf the Huskarl has been the same since the Conquerors.

And calling everything stupid, expected.

A civ that is made to be the doom of all acrher civs worked, what a stupid example


Goths are a trash civilization. Don’t nerf them further.


No new for you, always says “no” to any change in the game. People are always afraid of change and you are wrong, Goths have many good things than their UU



If you nerf Huskarls, you will have to give this, and this will buff Goths.


Yeah but you didn’t watch the game, it was all in feudal age

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Oh really?! Who cares about them in imp?! Once they hit imp you are dead anyway with their stupid brrrrrrrrrrr

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Yeah but their tanky armor is sick man. 6 pierce armor is sick

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Lol what ones:

  • Barely usable archers
  • Very weak cavalry
  • Literally no defenses.
  • Mediocre Siege weapons.
  • Trash navy.
  • Not impressive economy.
    The Infantry is basically the only thing that Goths master and use very effectively.

LOL. Looks like you never played with/against them or even played ranked. Even in big tournaments the pros ban/pick them for their annoying cancer style

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I won too many games against Goths in Imp. Some good melee unit like Hussars are well against Huskarls and Champions, Gothic Halbs lack armour, Cavalry Archers with Parthian Tactics hurts a lot. Some raid with Hussars. Goths gone.


mmm what, Goths aren’t by any means my favorite civ by that reasons yet I played with them long time ago and even now with the Alaric campaign and I know the civ.

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They have sick UTs, sick bonuses, sick UU and sick style

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No, my firiend.
It looks like it is YOU who never plays ranked. Have trouble with Huskarls? Go Hussars or Champs.
Both of those murder Huskarls.

And no, the Goths will not have Halbs or Champs backing the Huskarls up, as that would make the Huskarls slow, and negate one of their main advantage, Speed.


Sick bonuses?
Trash tier economy, basically no economy bonus
Their drush got nerfed hard and not that good anymore
Literally no bonuses for the useful Crossbow-line and Knight-line
Castle is a big investment and Huskarls are trash vs Knights
Longswordsmen are almost completely useless
The hunting bonus is a pain rather than a bonus.


And why are you talking about taking the game to imp?! The Goths sick at any age and the castle age with their sick UU is enough and i have never let a game go to imp except in very rare states. And lets say i took the game to imp which is the most strongest age for Goths how will you deal with their stupid brrrrrrr…

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Hussar + ESkirms. Goths cannot beat any civ that gets Hussars + Eskirms on time.

Goths also have one of the weakest defenses in the game, with almost no upgrades and no Stone Wall, so just raid them.

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Oh really? the most recent 1v1 tournament.

banned a whole 7 times. mostly by people who promptly picked mayans.
to put this in perspective, Aztecs were banned 47 times, Chinese 19 times, Mayans 16 times, and Vikings 12 times.
Goths were played 14 times and won a whole 5 of them.
to put this into perspective, 13 civs were picked more then them.


This is trash against Goths. Halbs+Huskarls eat this any day.