Tips on Chinese city scenario design?

Hi guys! I am working on a map for a campaign on the An Lushan rebellion in China’s Tang Dynasty period. Below is a section of the Imperial Palace compound of Chang’an. Any tips or advice or suggestions you can give me please?


Wow that looks pretty nice!

How does one enter the gate, go around the building in the center?

The Hall of Universal Peace you mean?

An Lushan having an audience with Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and his courtiers…

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Wonderful work, real pretty for :eyes:
I loved it immediately when I saw the thumbnail and loved it even more after opening it :slightly_smiling_face:

The eunuchs in black and yellow, the Emperor’s horse, Wind of the West tethered near the lake, with carp, as well as a banquet laid out near the Emperor’s tent…

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That’s a banquet tent. Remember the Tang had steppe people heritage

Then why there are spears/pikes on one side of the tent?

LOL the Tang were martial people. Also we need more scenario eye candy items. :frowning:

Hi! Great screenshot! From waht I have been reading and searching on the net, chinese palaces had many pavillions like buildings… we dont have those amongs the buildings of AOE2 DE. But those imported buildings with the chinese castle sureley can give us an aproximation to that. Well done!

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Some other scenes I’ve made so far.
A small residential compound belonging to a merchant and his wife.

Scene from the busy Silk Road trade city of Samarkand…


I love the residential compound!!!

love the traffic jam

It should quickly clear up when lit on :fire:

“Behold! The horde of Genghis Khan approaches…”