Tips on fighting poles as vikings

Heya I seam to lose every single game I go against poles (in 1v1 or 2v2). They usually mass huge amounts of knights and the UU, and they get an eco bonus that kicks in late dark/early fuedal. 30g knights means I cant mass enough xbows to kill them(infact on gold they have more knight), my viking champs /berserks lose 1v1 against the UU.

Would heavy scorps help?

Complaining about Devs purposely making new Civs OP in order to sell the DLC better, or not supporting that shady tactic would be Step number 1.

Why do you think they never release the stats on the website until after the first nerf (like previously on Lord of the West)… Tbh i wouldnt even be surprised if they “ask” the owner of to not set up the stats of the new civs, or else he might get some nice letters from dude’s in suits, cause aoe is not his interlectual property.

Or do they just not update the API?

It’s a lot of investment, and pretty slow to get to a Castle, research the UT, get out a bunch of stables, and make the knights. You have plenty of time to apply pressure before they can do any of that. Also, remember that the folwark often will be forward because berries might be forward, so that’s a pretty nice target for applying pressure.

TL;DR attack earlier


Probably should have gone arbs

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I think I prefered it when everyone went random tbh. I like being able to pick my civ but we have so many civs and you only see the civs that are op. How long do you think we have to wait until poles get nerfed down to normal civ power levels?

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I guess polish farms are usually more vulnerable than normal ones as there by the mill not the TC?

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I do not know if Poles will get a nerf. They don’t seem like a very strong civ at all. They have a decently good feudal age aggression potential, and the obuch is very strong later on. If they do get a nerf, I expect it’ll be a (minor) price increase on obuch.

Indeed. Use this to your advantage when possible.

A quick note on that:

  1. The Lords of the West civilizations had sub 50% winrates when we nerfed them, but we wanted to reduce certain frustration points; Before coming back to buff them in a later update bringing them more in line with other civilizations (once we had more data/feedback/information).
  2. The Dawn of the Dukes civilizations are sitting at ranked RM winrates of 48.5% (Bohemians) and 50.4% (Poles).

-Promi :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update on the current rankings! I appreciate the information


That’s good to know, so at the end Dawn of the Dukes civs are much better balanced than LOTW ones as far I see


Really appreciate the useful tidbit of information :slight_smile: Very surprised to see Poles actually doing better than Bohemians. And very nice to see that actually, both civs are in a good spot


The way sicillians and burgundians were balanced post release was really good


Well coustilliers were OP but Burgundians had bad eco, so it balanced out. That’s why he said they nerfed the civs not for winrate but because of some stuff like the coustillier being frustrating to deal with.


Make new civs please!!!

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I understand that poles are a bit broken, but I did actually come here for advice on how to fight them. I dont really know what to do in late castle and get slammed by knight/obuch spam.

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Arbs I would say are a good option



I mean Vikings have Ring Archer amror so they should win vs Polish arbalest


Try to get to the lategame usually. Poles have one of the worst lategames. They basically need to fall back to Obuch what makes them very limited.
In general they are vulnerable to archer civs and cav civs can also raid them to death in the lategame.

One example what they are vulnerable to.

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Im fine in imp its the late castle knight + obuch flood that I have difficulty with. Xbows dont seam to work that well against obuch with there 80hp.

Yeah fight the sistem.

Maybe because stats doesn’t magically appear under the tree, but are the resout of games that have to be played.

Then someone have to not just gather such data, but also statistically elaborate them, and then they can upload them.

Since that take about a month, often more, usually that’s why it coincide with the patch notes, since they wait the data before launching random balance changes.

Sorry for the out of topic deviation, I had to answer to people that think that some things doesn’t require work at all…

I would probably suggest you to still spam pikes, even if you lack halbs. And also I would suggest you hit them with archers sooner, to get an advantage.

They still need a castle, even if they can have that a bit sooner than other civs. In feudal and early castle vikings eco should be better.

But poles are a new civs, so we need times to figure them out weel…

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