To accept the war of liberty mod

I honestly feels that the war of liberty mod should be notice now and theyshould work on it too tht mod developers developed a real nice nd awesome mod but it didn’t got as much noticed as it should have plus there are very few civilizations they could use help of that mod thq


Nop, we don’t need anything from that mod in AoE3 DE.


Sry but speak for yourself only cuz i do need so many things from tht mod and think it was developed by an mod developer and it was tht awesome how great it could be if the same was done by Microsoft

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I would love to see the USA architecture make it’s way into this game.

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I honestly want all the civs from that mod to be official in-game.

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Too much civs, not thanks


Some (or many) mechanics of the mod are too bizarre to be made official.
That being said, some of them are really good and creative, such as “political party” politicians, or politician-specific cards (that are boosted by choosing a specific politician), etc. and we can see how DE is partially incorporating some of their designs.


Wish i could play aoe 3 de too but my computer just broke down this week😭


U feel me brother​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Have u nvr played aoe 2 de

That’s wht m saying tht mod is half broken it was made by an excellent guy but not as excellent as Microsoft team

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There’s no such thing as too much civs.


I think u will like to play only with india america nd British

I, for one, would rather not see that mod in the game. Historical or otherwise, nobody needs a game that glorifies slavery as a vital aspect that makes a nation better, and, having discussed the Natives with them in great length, I refuse to assist because of their insisting on utilizing the old Native Mission Schools as a positive thing for the North American civs they plan on making.
I shudder to think of how they imagine the Trail of Tears should be created as an upgrade for the Cherokee when they get around to making the Cherokee civ.


They do the same for European civs, like Italians Mafia features, seen as a “bonus”.

WoL is just bloated with features to make every civ “unique” too, which makes it a bothersome mod to play, and completely devoid of balance.


U didn’t got my point nd didn’t read carefully there are thousands of bugs nd things tht are need to be removed plus need in the game if Microsoft help it can only go better there is always positivity in negativity nd negativity in positivity. Right now i am just trying to see positivity in that mod, because i believe tht enlightment age was an age tht was different for every civ in this world but very few civs came into the light we should ignore the struggle nd glories of other civs too.

Guys read my point carefully tht thing was broken it wasn’t made by an multi billion dollar company but some smart mod developers nd it could be better balanced nd cool with the help of Microsoft

Guys before replying pls read this carefully

I SAID THT, “THEY SHOULD WORK ON THIS MOD” by tht i mean it is half broken nd if it is regarding abt mechanism or slavery or anything like tht it could only be removed nd could go better if the Microsoft develops it by themselves

Yes I do, but civs on aoe3 arent like aoe2, where every civ is the same. Thats the reason why I prefer playing Aoe3, each civ is unique. Also too much civs could be overhelming for new players. Finally I dont want a WoL, there civs feel like they are unfinished. I prefer less but well worked civs


No, I prefer India, Aztecs, China, Germans and Spain