To prostatexam:

You said top corner and I hit the esc key… and exited the game… . Oh well. Maybe we can be friends in another life.

Jesus, I wish AOE and Steam could get their act together to make finding and making friends SIMPLE!


Wasn’t initially sure what the thread was going to be about given the title, but I agree 100%.

It’s absolutely a pain to make friends through the game. The easiest way for me is to start the game, shift+TAB to open the Steam Browser (why is it ONLY possible to be opened during an active game?!), then going to and my own profile to view recently played matches and thus the players, and then move on to their steam profiles that I can copy+paste their URLs into the Steam Browser for the add friend button.

There’s been now a couple of times where I’ve decided to venture out into ranked teamgames and actually had a pleasant experience to the point of wanting to add people for future gaming, and I was the only one out of the people who managed to add everyone because of the long-winded way I described above.

There must be a much easier and more convenient way of adding people to your friends list. I know there’s the invite thingy, but it’s still part of a very archaic UI and UX design.

Also, if you’re playing from Xbox, tough luck!