Too many early quit and dodge,Team Surrender system please


To prevent Early quit(before advancing and fighting)

We should give penalty

but there are no standard.

cuz If someone quit.

We can not justify it is resonable quit or not.

So make the system not allow individual quit

we can solve this problem

In that case, we lost just 1~2 vil -> quiit

Now : it is indivisually justified and can be thought differently
(Think P1 -> I will quit, P2 -> we can win, P3,P4 -> Keep your line)
Cuz surrender is below to individuals

We should change this, Only Team surrender(at least in Rank system)
If we change system, Team surrender! -> No one can go out game individually

But still have problem
We cannot control who PC or AOE2 Off if we are not his family back side of him/her

Someone did like did(PC or AOe Off quit)
We should give him penalty (game not start game over X times)
and permit him join during when the game is not finished

Like LOL

THx for reading
sorry for my english


who is to determine what is an early quit and what isn’t an early quit?

if im playing a team game and i’m getting my base raided and my allies aren’t helping me out, quitting would be perfectly justified. but in your solution that can’t happen.


Team game, If you have just few vil and TC only cuz you lose many things?
but You should play more cuz we can be a fish bait as a team member

I think it’s team game
Like soccer, baseball, League of Legend…
All team game should be Team surrender not individual decision i think

Many game users
Consider early quit as bad manner


so i have to play and suffer with crappy team mates, and basically play a game i’m no longer in, because you think we should punish those who quit no matter what the reason?

except in most of those you’re getting paid. and league of legends if your team is getting trounced that bad you can volunteer to give up 15 minutes in.

then maybe tell people to support others so i don’t feel obligated to quit because they aren’t pulling their weight.

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Consider a 2v2. The game is clearly over, but my ally want to hide just his vills in the corner, but i just want to leave. Do i got punished by leaving that game?! That would be bad.

I am for a penalty system for early quitters for example before 5 min. mark (both for 1v1 and TGs). Also only in ranked games. I dont think we need to force this kind of rules for the lobby.

You know you play a team game, so your individual position dont really matter as long as the team is winning? It is pretty much possible that you are getting pushed and start losing, but at the other flank, they are winning even harder. In that case the team is in winning position, while you are being beaten. It make no sense to quit, because that would result in a loss for your team.

Sometimes your job in the team is to get hit by the opponent and to delay their push, while your allies are pushing the other flank and win for you the game. That is just part of team work. In a team is it not about your own position, but about the team position. If you dont like to be in such position, then just dont play any team games, would be my advice.


you know how many team games i’ve had where i’ve been getting pushed and my allies are twiddling their thumbs booming and ignoring the fact that i need help?

i’m not talking about the games where i’m in trouble but my allies are contributing elsewhere.
i’m talking the games where i’m getting hammered and my allies got their thumbs in their pockets.

should i have to stick around for that type of game? doesn’t seem fair to me.


Tired of these threads. You self absorbed guys are even too lazy to search the forum for similar threads…

Read everything matt said.

And on top of that




LOL is not an RTS it doesn’t have the snowball effect that RTS games due. It is MUCH easier to make a come back. The game is more stable. The connections are more stable. FFS

Like you need a parent to point out all the flaws in your self absorbed logic.

Yes. You should. I prefer someone on my team who booms while I am getting pushed over someone who whines and quits if he deems his teammates to be not helpful enough.


But I can’t boom if the enemy is killing me l, can I? And in the game I was referring too, my allies weren’t helping at all. They just kept booming while I was getting attacked by all 3 enemies.
One of them didn’t have any military production buildings either.

So how long do I have to stick around in that situation? Until I’m officially eliminated? Clearly a waste of my time. But go ahead and continue to defend bad team mates

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But if you can send message easily, the percentage of help will be improved. that’s why I think there should be easy communication tools.

starcraft has an easy solution. when someone quits the rest of the team get his resources, and can manage his army.

I would also add that the one quiting must lose the game independently of the result. ATM if you quit early and your team somehow wins, you still get the win and that has no sense.

this is not a moba with all the absurd rules for comebacks, if one team is ahead, killing its army is not enough to get a comeback, because said team will have also an economic advantage.


Yes, Any plan should be discussed cuz better than now


This one essential for november patch!!

This is a good solution. Those who want to quit can quit but this still leaves his army to be controlled by allies so that we don’t lose much of the advantage.

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In that situation; hold out as long as you can to increase the effectiveness of your allies’ booming and then prepare to retreat with as many vills and trade carts as possible and wall with the retreat to buy more time and build again behind your allies. You may still win as long as you survive.

or i can just not waste my time with teammates who aren’t willing to play as a team.


The enemy choosing to go all in on an attack instead of booming is in itself a weakness on their part depending on if your team is booming well enough. Not everyone is very good at early military and it should be expected that perhaps they’re aiming straight for imperial armies - especially if they’re running the middle - it’s the two sides job to figure out the initial defense, even if it’s against multiple foes at once - the middle’s job has a hard time switching to offense if they’ve only focused on the boom - so it will take time to ensure that the army they bring to the table will actually be of use instead of just dying outright. Buy them the time they need and your effort may just be rewarded, especially if you can minimize your own eco loss and buy them as much time as they need and turn to booming behind your allies which might have a research and economic advantage if you defend well enough to smite the invaders and begin again - even if you become the wall king to do it.

I mostly play 3on3 and 4on4 with premates. But it happens quite often, that the oponents flank leaves after taking early damage whilst the enemy Team as a whole is Not behind e. G. Because the pockets boom. Then the game drags on for another 30+ Minutes and we barely win. Afterwards we agree, that we would not have won if the first enemy did not leave early. A team-surrender-mechanic would prevent that.


I think with that attitude your best solution is to not play teamgames with random people.

Just do the best you can and when the whole team is in a lost position (not when you are in a bad position) you surrender - but not before that.
I understand being frustrated with people doing suboptimal strategies, but if you don’t want to deal with that, just don’t play with randoms. In my opinion if you agree to play with randoms, you should agree to do your best for the team, even if that means being put into a bad position.

I think a team surrender mechanic would be very good.


i honestly think the same and to @MatCauthon3 your self loathed opinion of centering you over the 2 or 3 teammates you have is just plainly wrong since a teamgame as it names implies works around the team not just someone who stands out over other

also i had the situation were i was flank and got attacked by 2 i rebuild behind my pocket and help him defend long enough as my other flank cleans up

its simple as that