Tooltip Mod Request

Hey guys,

  1. I’m wondering if anyone could make a mod which make the tooltip background completely transparent, so there’s no big box blocking the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Most of the text in the tooltips is completely useless. Whenever you move your cursor over a tree with a villager selected, it uses up 2 lines of text to tell you how to gather wood…
    So I’m also wondering if someone could remove all of the useless text and keep the important stuff. Important stuff would include prices of upgrades and units, and maybe the stat changes and hotkeys. The names of upgrades are also pointless. So for example, loom upgrade uses up 3 lines when it could just say
    “50 gold | vils: +15 hp, +1/+2p | x”
    (where x is the hotkey)

The 2nd mod request would probably take quite a while to make, and I would personally just play without tooltips until both are complete. I’m just thinking if any of you want to make it, myself and a great deal of the community would really appreciate it.


I want to make a minimal tooltips mod that removes all the useless “click here to select this building” etc. but still shows unit and tech prices. Could someone walk me through it and help me find the correct file to edit? I’m a noob when it comes to modding the UI.


Spent a while finding it and decided I’ll make the mod myself. The location is in directory/resources/(language)/strings/key-value

Sorry, I can’t find a widget or RGBA for the background so I’m going to give up.

If you don’t mind having the background, I advice you download ‘localization fix and enhanced data tooltip’ mod and edit the english txt file by adding entries you find in Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\en\strings\key-value.

eg ctrl-f 3714 to copy the line across as “(3714 “”)” but it’s likely the black box will pop as blank.

I will have a look around myself :slight_smile: