Top 3 units need be nerfed serius

1 highlander
2 chinacos
3 Royal Horseman

the HIGHLANDER and Royal Horsemen with the Dutch are completely broken because of the easy obtaining of gold from age 4 5 impossible to kill, Royal Horseman need to reduce their resistance to shots and reduce their damage in area these troops in 2v2 3v3 games are a complete hell to kill
the Highlander needs to seriously reduce their damage and health by 20% all stats

CHINACO it’s unbelievable that a unit like this hasn’t been nerfed since the launch of Mexico in the game, it’s unbelievable that this unit kills anything in the game my suggestion is to remove the multiplier against cavalry and reduce the damage against all infantry to 1.25 its cost, life and damage remain the same

post and aimed at team games and treaty


It’s not just the mercs themselves, it’s that you can easily train them from regular production buildings. They need to nix that feature and have a more limited way to train them like Mercenary Camps.

Also, just about everything Ottoman should be on this list.


This just sounds like issues with treaty/team games where units SEEMs OP because their is a lot of other units that can support it or have been allowed to a mass such units that you would normally not be able to in sup/1v1 games because they cost/time resource to make them and the “pre” set up time to allow it.

Royal Horseman is an aoe cav unit only in age 4; its a 4 POP unit. I think everyone here who knows what counters them hard.

Highlander a high pop musk merc unit strait forward to counter; no explanation needed( I will if you want me to)

Chinacos damage/multi have been adjusted 5 times sense their release mainly focus on/around cav bonus damage. All micro adjustment mind you; the thing that make Chinacos unique is their base melee attack range is longer then most cav. Meaning there dps can SEEM high only because they are stack/microing units sightly in a ball and focusing down units as they move, if you understand the gimmick of chinacos they are easy to counter.

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I think a Chinaco nerf is amplified, it is incredible that with its charging ability, it devastates all the units in its path, with melee-heavy infantry units being the only way to stop them.

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they kill albadier soo eazy

Yes, mainly in 2v2 3v3 games, devs must balance these troops in 2v2 3v3 because most players play in that format

I was expecting Otto units only


what about the 48 range mortar?
dont tell me that you want to nerf anything when units like this exists
just protect the 48 range mortars and you will never see an stable that produces chinacos, easy.
use the 18 range dragons of portugal.
come on bro
why dont you ask for nerfing that?

seriously that is your top 3?

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its awesome that a unit can be beaten by one specific civ with a specific card, that’s what balance is all about


what unit? chinaco? seriously?

cavalry archer
just to mention another one

you people just talking trash

Pls don’t nerf chinaco free wins.

Chinaco is life.
Chinaco is love.
Chinaco is a way of life.


there’s many units currently upsetting balance, mexico and otto being the primary civs that come to mind. Just because someone has a different opinion from you doesn’t mean they’re talking trash, but insisting that it is makes for a great way to ensure everyone disregards yours :v:


you said “its awesome that a unit can be beaten by one specific civ with a specific card, that’s what balance is all about”
which is not true.
im not going to discuss that. I dont discuss things that people wont admit.
chinaco can be beaten by a lot of civs, but as i said i dont discuss those things, its bad to discuss with people that says lies like its awesome that a unit can be beaten by one specific civ with a specific card, that’s what balance is all about" its just insane to discuss these things.
Never discuss with people like that

its very strange people complain about abus gun, chinaco etc when portugal has been overpowered by many years in team games.
somebody cares about op portugal?
so why people care about op the rest of units?

just let units excels, you giving your opinion, but its a lie to say that chinaco cannot be beaten or just by a unit and a card

your inability to infer anything from a blatantly sarcastic statement is tremendously funny


then be clear and specific

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I am incapable of doing so, that much should be patently clear from my post history


i think vote for banning 1 or 2 civs on lobbys would be the best solution, everyone on a lobby votes for a civ to be banned. The two civs that earned more votes are banned.
Because the game always will have overpowered units no matter what, otherwise would be impossible to win.

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yes my opinion 20 caracteres

Ottomans are in serious need of a buff. The units aren’t strong enough and the civ is just too difficult and micro-intensive to play. How are ottoman players expected to mass abus guns when they cost so much? Why don’t fishing boats train automatically like settlers?


You’re boring as hell, how old are you? 12 13 ?
I don’t remember this community having people like you, if you disagree or think my post is absurd, make your own and show your points!