Top players complaints AoE2 DE

I heard so many complaints from top toplayers i could create a big list of moments.
For example here is 1% of MBL’s opinion:
(deleted :frowning: ):


Also Viper, T90 and other complaining about crashes, bugs and PATHING. Remove your fingers from your ■■■ and fix this game as one wise man said about DE




I would not complaint if you provide us that list…

It makes a lot of sense. The pro players have played the same game for so many years, they are expert at the current state of age of empires 2. God forbid they had to change the way they have to play… oh no.

Anyone can get good with enough practice, only few can remain good in a changeing enviroment. I geuss we will see who is actually good.

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Could you really compile that on a topic? I would really support. Just try to maintain politeness, please.

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They are complaining about bugs. Hopefully bugs won’t remain as part of DE, that everybody has to get used to.

I am personally not playing the game until right-click gets fixed for combat. Game is just broken in that regard compared to AOC/HD. Other people have complained about patrol/attack-move or pathing in general. Not to mention people having crashes.

Yea they are used to play without a crashes


Don’t know about others but idgaf what “Top Players” say or think.

lmao that’s some edginess that even Shadow the Hedgehog can’t match


Another problem is the balancing.
Khmer is very weak
And also the infantry unique units

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Can you also post the opinion of Hera, DauT, TheViper, F1re, FeAge, etc? (and all other players who’ve had a positive experience with DE2)

I still think the release of aoe2 DE was too soon, but I’m positively surprised by the state of the game after release. Performance has improved massively, I haven’t had a crash for a week (and have played lots of games). Pathing for me seems quite similar to Voobly, except fishing ships often go idle for no reason. Overall I’ve been enjoying DE2 a lot.

My biggest complaint is that team games are not enjoyable unless you pick cumans yourself and map pool should be updated more frequently. (preferably once every two weeks)


TheViper is playing against bots because the normal game is so unstable.
We’ve all had positive and negative experiences, but when you want to deliver on scale quality has to be really good.
10% failure rate isn’t good enough.

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Top streamers really don’t like to complain for their own reputation, but it is now a daily thing to see the pro’s rightfully complain about the state of DE.

FE’s priorities were so far removed from what was nessecary, you could be in the AOE2 scene for 6 months and have a better understanding of what needs to be done to make DE a superior platform.

Oh yeah, loving all these default graphical settings on twitch… If devs have any respect for their RTS game then they turn them off by default. Players should be able to expect that default is most optimal for the game genre. That is the task of the game devs, not showing off their stupid efx layers.

Can you also post the opinion of Hera…

I have heard Hera say multiple times that the game experience on voobly is still “much better”.

It’s important to remember that the popular streamers are aware of their impact on this small community while they want the best for the game, so they like to stay neutral not to cause any negative news around DE. Viper is employed by microsoft so he might have additional reasons to be positive.

map pool should be updated more frequently. (preferably once every two weeks)

I hope you are joking.

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Are you for real? FPS drops and crashes is something to get used to?

Even Viper sometimes complains about the pathing and the famous “choppiness”. But after a complains he is instantly expresses hope about a fixes. You can check his streams or videos on YouTube.


When you love something so hard some times you even critic it even more

You quoting

For real? You made me laugh. Spectating doesnt work well right now, and remember t90 and memb are more casters than players, even tho t90 is a solid 2k+ and memb has his rage forest. They obviously have their priorities, as somebody else said performance and stability should be the goal first, then we will see.

As for me Im having a really good experience with DE, both as player and a viewer (players POV stream). Game has bugs that are being fixed, which happens in the vast majority of the games nowadays. thx for the recap anyways!

I’ve not seen any other games that crash out this regularly for this many people at launch. Also this is far more bugs than is acceptable and it is not a new game; they have introduced bugs to an old game that has been stable for 20 years. And they are not communicating -at all- on most issues. There is a handful of issues in the roadmap, but things about the game flat out not working, or the UHD graphics no longer existing on the MS Store, they just ignore. And the last patch had a tiny set of notes compared to what it needed.

As has been said to death, it is more important here than ever because the community already has options for online play of -this game- and they are outperforming this buggy, crashy resource hog by an order of magnitude. It is very much a repeat of AoE:DE in quality, but a far bigger community, and at least they had the sense to delay -that-.


I take it, you have never played Vampire the Masquerade?

That statement is not correct. Search for Enhanced Graphics Pack.

The game just came out like two weeks ago, there are bound to be issues that need fixing and things that could use improving. I think giving them some time to iron things out is pretty reasonable, particularly since they say they’ll be supporting AoE for years to come.

  • Bethesda still doesn’t let me to change Fallout 4’s Field of View (FOV) after four years since release and has several AI and quest issues.
  • Gearbox/BBI still doesn’t let me zoom out farther than the up-close-and-personal claustrophobic view in Deserts of Kharak three years after release.
  • The Odd Gentlemen/Sierra/Activision still doesn’t let me have the Epilogue for King’s Quest three or four years after its release despite me buying a Season’s Pass.

Now if AoE still has pathing issues, color issues, and no bones/decay 1, 2, or 3 years from now, that wouldn’t be too good. But to be incredibly upset about these things two weeks post-release seems odd to me.


Sure the entry exists, but the physical item does not. Pretends to download instantly but never installs. And that was another bug they introduced post-launch, with 33164 I believe it was. Many of us were forced to reinstall when the game stopped launching altogether, and then the UHD would no longer install.

@Darkness01101 It shouldn’t even have launched in the current state or support system, especially with the UHD addon and the insane resource usage vis à vis other much more demanding titles. A lot of the issues were known in beta and no action was taken … which is what betas used to be for.

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