Tower Defense Game

Hi there. Ok, so I am creating a custom game for AoE 2 DE, and I realized it would be cool to insert a Tower Defense area. I loved that on Warcraft. I need help on how to set up triggers to allow P1 or P2 to place down Watch Towers in an area to kill the enemies I send down a long, straight path. Help would be soooooo appreciated, cause I wanna play the map with my best friend in the world.

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AoC had a lot of tower defense maps, which also transferred to HD – they were probably as old as Warcraft3 TDs – I think originally the name for the “Tower Defense” genre, which came into popularity in the 2000s, were popularized by AoE2 and Warcraft3 towers! (Although the Wikipedia page says TDs go back quite a bit further, but modern ones came about as RTS maps. “Between 2007 and 2008, the genre became a phenomenon, due in part to the popularity of the tower defense mode in real time strategy games, but mainly due to the rise of …”)

Hopefully one of the developers for an HD TD map can transfer it to DE!

Thanks for response. Yeah, I have been trying to figure out how to make a min tower defense area on my map. I already created triggers to have a enemies come down a set path. I just wanna allow player to place watch towers. I can’t find anything on YouTube with a tutorial.

I see. Those maps often have hundreds to thousands of triggers (e.g. a few triggers per player per wave). If you just want to allow watch towers, you can start a player in the right age, and play with the enabling and disabling technologies/buildings tab in scenario editor.

I’m getting a little excited now, lol. Would you mind elaborating? Yeah, I don’t want multiple waves. I want one wave, and if 5 enemies reach the finish line, the game ends. If they do kill them all, with the towers they insert, then they win a reward (Units that become under their ownership).

Take a look at Tower Defense FFA.

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Ok, thank you. I will look at that link. :blush:

Hi. I looked at link…sadly I couldn’t find any breakdown of how to create triggers to initiate it. Thanks again though. I need a tutorial of allowing the player to place watch towers down to fire immediately.

I gave you a link to a TD scenario, so you can download it and open it at the game editor to see how it’s done.

Ooooooh, ok. My bad. Thanks alot! I will do that then, and check the cogs of it out.

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Hey there. Thanks again for link. I downloaded it, and it helped ALOT for my coding. There is one thing I can’t figure out…do u know how to stop a wave of troops? I did the Condition (Fewer Objects), and have only “Units” from one drop down…everything else I left at “None”. They just keep coming. Oh, and I do have “Objects in Area” and “Task Object” set.

It really depends on how you are making that wave of troops and the condition supposed to end it. If you could give me a more detailed description of what you made, i’d be glad to help you. But in general, if that wave’s troops are being spawned–>tasked to go somewhere and suddenly the condition to stop the wave is achieved, you should simply deactivate the spawn trigger (if it’s just looping) and optionally remove the enemy troops already spawned.


Hey there. Thanks for responding. I’m not at my computer, so I’ma go off memory. Well, my intent is activate a trigger to create troops to go down a path to the end (tower defense style)…I wanted it to stop creating troops once 50 of them where all in the “object area” condition I have. Hope that helped. :grin:.

Hmmmm, do I need to have that “create object” trigger on loop, if I have a “fewer objects” condition set to 50…and a timer with it for every 2 seconds?

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I have an idea. Set a trigger (loop ‘on’) with a timer condition (this will serve as interval between spawns) then create for example 5 troops and task them to move. Then you set a change variable effect to add 5 (number of troops) to any variable you want and finally set a new trigger with variable value condition (pick the variable you used, set “larger or equal” and set the number to 50) and its effect would be deactivating the ‘spawn troops’ trigger. I hope you understood me and how the trigger is meant to work. Right now I cant open the game to get some screenshots of an example but i will try to help as much as i can.

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