Toxicity of ranked

It seems like every second game I experience majorly toxic behavior from teammates or opponents (specifically 1v1s). Is this something new or a carry-over from voobly elitists? And I’m not talking about not saying GG or glhf, I mean the whole nine yards of mocking, berating, antagonizing, belittling, insulting with bypassing the filter… and spamming 11.

WTH does Microsoft do about reports? I’ve never seen anything done about it. When 3/4 team games barely get past 5 minutes without someone quitting… the 50% chance that you don’t get a toxic ■■■ on the fourth game really doesn’t make this game worth playing.

Don’t leave me comments like “git gud noob”, you are part of the problem.


I dunno why do you think this will be the response.

Toxicity is always part of every community’s problems.

I agree, the people on the other side of the reports should take them more seriously

But you are super exaggerating here. Not everyone is toxic.


Here’s a recommendation. After every multiplayer game, a dialog should appear that provides a option for you to rate each player, with no opinion by default
Hvscarl: ( ) Recommended ( ) Good Sport ( ) Not Recommended
ArshiaAghaei: ( ) Recommended ( ) Good Sport ( ) Not Recommended

  • A recommended player played at an appropriate skill level and demonstrated good game etiquette. You would like to play matches with this person again.
  • A good sport has skills that did not match this specific game (too weak or too strong), but played or communicated in a manner to try to result in a positive experience.
  • A not-recommended player is someone whose intentional actions detracted from the experience, such as in abuse, trolling, or giving up early. You prefer not to play with this person again.

Just like ELO and drop %, each player would be able to see their rating. We would expect to see some salty opponents choose Not Recommended for otherwise decent opponents, but that would average out over time.

The reason a post-game player survey would be impactful, is that people behave differently when they know they are being scored.


I played a guy yesterday who I beat, and he then spent a couple minutes calling me a noob before resigning. He felt that I walled and only fought in imp. Even though I scout rushed him, then raided him with knights through castle age while avoiding his pikes then in imp flooded him with thowy axe boys.

Anyway the point is sometimes people get ragey it is annoying but idk what any game community can really do. I just try to be nice/ignore and do my best not to copy that behavior when I’m on the other end.

Now early drops in team games does feel more like something they could resolve. Team votes to resign, or something in those lines maybe? Every solution of course has it’s down sides.


A similar system exists in Overwatch, where you can decide if someone is a good team mate, a good sport or a shot caller (essentially a leader). These endorsments decline with time so you constantly have to be a good community member otherwise people don’t want to play with you. While AoE is a different game this sort of endorsement system could work here as well, although personally I haven’t experienced toxicity in AoE at all.

@Hvscarl if the chat is annoying you, try typing !mute in chat. This will mute alle notifications :slight_smile:


Not sure if i like this suggestion. I dont really feel toxicity is a real issue in 1v1. The examples in this thread are also about TGs. TG ratings are just unreiable. I feel like that is part of the mean reason why teams arent balanced and why people are called out for stupid things.

I feel such recommendation is a system to be abused. I think you can just report your enemy if you feel bad about your lost game. So i dont really think it will help to reduce toxicity.


This is exactly the flaw of this otherwise decent suggestion. And it’s a huge flaw.


Perhaps then the system should display both how the player is rated and how the player has rated others. For example, if it shows that they’ve given out 50% ‘not recommended’ ratings, then it demonstrates they are salty.

In fact, this system could be simplified to giving a rating of 0 to 10 how much would you like to play with this person again. Then it only has to show how much people like playing with you, and how much you like playing with others.

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Thanks, I’ll use that lol. Yeah there are a lot of games that could use that feature. Might be because I only play on weekends? Whereas other games I play weekdays so it doesn’t seem as bad.

It should show what percentage of negative reports they give out AND receive. People might be more likely to rate negatively or not at all… Once in awhile. Or report positively all the time. It they are toxic they will receive and give out mostly negative results. Then hopefully they’ll only get matched with other negative players… In theory it could work.

If it’s not gonna be like ELO (considered in ranked games), it will be fine

That would significantly increase queue time

How would this rating system affect ranked where most of the toxicity exists?

“would you like to be ranked against this player with an ASBO?”

I brought this up when I first started playing AOE2DE multiplayer…

Ive never had issues with 1v1, and very rarely enemies in TG (except pause abuse)

But I’ve had tons of it from team mates.

I think woodsier has a point though the TG matchmaking can be so bad so it can lead to frustrating games which leads to toxicity.

Maybe the same happens with 1v1. Imba games/civs/units always encourage toxicity due to frustration on top of human nature to be toxic

I think this problem can be mitigated to a very large degree by making people who report an opponent give a reason.
If you want to give a thumbs-down, you could get a choice like

Why do you report this player?

  1. because (s)he insulted me in chat
  2. because (s)he lamed me
  3. because (s)he sabotaged her/his team-mates
  4. other (please give reason)

thanks we’ll look into it :

I think it works similarly if you report posts on this forum.

this will:

  • force people to consider why they actually want to report a player
  • force people who want to report due to salt to lie explicitly (by giving a false reason), and they’re hoping someone will look into it.
    • This would discourage a lot of people,
    • and make it easier to proof when people report in bad faith
  • allow you to can include reasons that aren’t against the rules. For example we (or the devs) might decide laming is not against the rules, but still allow people to report it.

I suspect any reporting system keeps track of people who report often, and ideally they should also keep track of it when clusters of profiles often report the same people.

Now I do agree with a lot of people in this thread that a reporting system is low priority (for me). I don’t see much trolling in AOE2. Though it’s interesting a lot of the pushback against a reporting system stems from the fear of trolls :upside_down_face:

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Do reports work?

Also u should remember situations like this:
My pocket did scout rush the other side. So, i was ganged by two and destroyed. I’m dead. I left. But it’s 2.4k TG ELO. (-7 vils and u are dead ). Some players catched me in the next game and they were rude :frowning:

The point:
No one care about REASONS
U have to stay in game +20 minutes for no reason, until the Boomer satisfied with his simcity town.

The good news: in the next game, we destroyed the rude person the same way (2 vs 1) :smiling_imp:.
He played simcity in feodal without the base and left the last.
Literally, 20 min of wasting time. He could leave and we could play one more game.


Thanks for bringing that issue up, here are a few ideas:

If they bypass the filter then that’s an issue the devs have to solve, though admittedly I’ve never encountered such a problem.

As for toxic behavior in general, the best response is to shrug it off. You can’t control your opponent’s behavior, or anyone who isn’t yourself for that matter.

There are reporting mechanisms in all sorts of online games and it doesn’t really seem to curb toxicity much. If anything people start getting toxic about the reporting mechanism itself.

With teammates there are simple psychological tricks you can employ to get them to stop being toxic. Don’t respond to their toxicity or complain about it, pretend that they haven’t been toxic at all and communicate like you normally would. Most importantly, if they do something right, praise them. When someone gets praised they immediately shift their mentality and start carrying responsibility towards being a better communicative teammate.


I don’t think there will be people who have time to check 1K (for example) messages that are supposed to be toxic

I do not support reporting people for “toxic” speech. It’s too subjective and gradually becomes more and more restrictive over time. Instead, allow people to block chat messages and signals from other players.

I like the idea of ranking teammates in some way. It does suck when a person leaves early. I don’t think this should have an impact on a person’s ability to matchmake, but instead just group players with others in their reliability rating if possible. Even this could be abused though, so I’m not sure. Maybe just keep track when a player leave a match long before his teammates, and rank according to that.

How do you think the reporting on this forum works?

I have no inside knowledge, but I have some pretty good guesses:
1 Most punishments are probably automatic
2 Moderators probably only get involved if something is being disputed or if there are a lot of reports about a particular player
3 When moderators get involved they probably only look at a small representative sample of the reported behaviour
4 moderators probably don’t like it when people ‘waste’ their time

It works pretty well.

Most people seem to accept it when their post gets hidden.

Some thoughts I may edit later

To get an idea of how many messages they’re have to go through: There are 40000 people with a 1v1 ELO and 60000 people with a team game ELO. If a sanction system was introduced it seems reasonable that 1% of players would need some kind of ban fairly quickly. If half of those would contest it, that would be 5000 profiles which need to be evaluated, which is a lot, to be fair.
For each profile you’d probably only look at 5 games at most, which is still 25000 games.
I think it starts to look better when you’ve dealt with the backlog. If it becomes clear that the algorithmically generated punishment is generally much preferable over the moderator-imposed punishment, I think the vast majority of players would stop bothering the moderators, and they’d only have to look at the most arrogant (least introspective) offenders and the people who were truly screwed over by the system.

I have reported multiple users for various reasons, but i feel like it just dont works. Seems like those players are still playing and didnt receive any punishment.

But this forum doesn’t have as much toxicity as a game.

In general they are less toxic