Train villagers from houses

Hello, I can’t train villagers from houses.
Button queues a villager, but it stays at 0%. and wont train.
I tried to change work rate of houses but does not work, anyone any ideas?

Haven’t tested this, but did you also change every other villager derivative such as farmers, builders, repairers, etc to also train at a house?

no i think I don’t have to, as we train villagers, they is replaced upon clicking different resources… i just don’t know why houses wont train any units.

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Did you try training them from another building, too?

the reason I bring it up is because in the Genie editor they are all connected via the same task swap group, so even though they are separate units, they may all need to have the same spawn location

In the original cd version its not possible to train villagers out of houses,maybe its the same in de also.

Try creating a new house building and try to train from there.

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if i make em from stables it works, just not houses.