[Transport Ship] Unable to ungarrison Siege units

Currently there is a bug in the ungarrison logic used by the transport ships that doesn’t allow you to ungarrison your siege once it is inside of a ship. It seems the larger siege specifically are the issue (mangonels, trebuchets, bombards). Loading them up is fine, unloading is the issue.

This has been reported once before for bombards but it effects more than just bombards (also it seems this is not being tracked although this is a huge issue for water based maps): Unable to load Bombard into transport ship, transport ship bugs

There is also another report of this bug and I think I ve mention there everything. Not sure if they really fixed it since it. Transport ship cannot properly unload bombard cannons

I mentioned that the other posts all seem to mention bombards but it is 100% other similarly sized siege as well which none seem to mention. Mango’s, Treb’s, etc.

Thanks for linking that one though. It seems the devs are slightly aware but this is a huge issue for sure and doesn’t seem to be treated as such. It isn’t even being tracked on their tracker. How are you supposed to siege islands? It is just not possible on some maps.

List of siege that does NOT work (never able to unload):

List of siege that works sometimes (sometimes able to unload):

The Ribauldequin, Springald and Battering Ram are currently the only siege that I have been able to get to work without getting stuck in the ship.

Thanks all. We’re looking into it.

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Thank you, I know you were the one that looked at it previously. How do issues get added to the tracker?

This just seems to be an already confirmed issue that would at least be on there but I understand there are probably some behind the scenes things I am missing before it gets added to the asana queue or whatever.

Thank you for everything you all do :slight_smile:

Unfortunately all I can do is reiterate the first paragraph in that tracker:

Below is a list of known issues we are tracking for Age of Empires IV . Note that this is not a comprehensive list; we will continue to update it with new issues as they are reported and fixed, will only include the most visible or disruptive issues that prevent you from enjoying the game, and will never include exploits that could be leveraged to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Yeah…it’s…complicated. But we are always working to make the best game possible. The team works their butts off, even if they aren’t always touching things that are super visible to someone watching a specific bug or bugs.


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