Treaty mode?

Am I missing it somewhere? Trying to play skirmish but can’t find a treaty option. What was nice about AoE2 DE were the customization options which seems to be lacking in the new one.


Yeah it makes no sense why they would not tailor a game mode to such a large portion of the community that likes to play TR

Some obstacles this game has is Wonder victory (but that could be disabled)
and relics being so civ dependent (can also make relics available to spawn after TR ends or gives 1 right next to each TC)

its a shame this is missing.

Still trying to learn about FFA options like if they included diplomacy or tributes, private chat, etc…

Hey all

I am one of those who likes the building the economy aspect of the game so I like treaty time, is this available in Age of Empires 4?

I have the game and looked earlier but could not find it.


Anyone? Is there some sort of treaty setting?


no theres not, the game lacks a lot of basic features the previous games had. I cant believe people still defend this game when its clearly unfinished…


Because a lot of people (including myself) enjoy the game as is.
I totally agree that the game is not perfect and there are a lot of features that I would love to see added.

But even so I still really enjoy the game as it is right now.

Ok thank you for the replies, at least now I know.

Just a message to the developers if they are reading this for feedback - please bring back treaty time. Thanks :wink:


what does one have to do with the other?
I’ve also enjoyed my playtime and want to play more in the future, but can point out to all these things at the same time.
As if having a good time should nullify all criticisms or prevent one from forming it in the first place.

Compared to things like destruction engine, quality of assets, number of maps, length of campaigns, civ number etc. skirmish customizability options are tiny, TINY pieces of code and there is no excuse for not having it.
Even if it’s added at some point down the line… People are asked to pay AAA price tag for a non-early access game now, not in 9 months.
It’s a minor thing, but there’s a bunch of them, on top of bigger subjects, and in the end it adds up to a feeling of disrespect towards consumers.
And then you have some cherries on the top:
Digital Deluxe Edition Items Feedback - Extremely Disappointing :frowning: - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

It’s Age of Empires IV, a sequel coming out 16 years after the previous installment! Let’s not invent the wheel all over again.

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I was replying to @Latulevieja when he wrote:

I cant believe people still defend this game when its clearly unfinished

People tend to defend things that they enjoy. That is the only point I was trying to make.
I never said that criticisms of the game were invalid. In fact I said:

I totally agree that the game is not perfect and there are a lot of features that I would love to see added.

I have no idea how much code it takes to add custom skirmish options. So I have no idea how easy it is. Could be harder then you or I think.

As for the games price per content ratio. I personally I am happy with it. I paid the full $60 and I do not feel cheated at all. You and anyone else is welcome to disagree. I was fortunate to be able to played both the beta and the technical stress test and I decided it was worth the money.

Yeah seems like the Digital Delux Edition was pretty lame, I never buy those for any game cause I never find them to be ever be worth the extra money.

It would be great if we could bring back the treaty mode. I got really used to this mode and have a lot of fun playing AOE more like a city builder for the first 40 minutes and then going to war and seeing how everyone’s cities/villages stack up. Please bring this back. Thanks!


I think they are just going to leave this to mod games… unfortunately… Relic really over looked casual players and city builder type players in this game. They zeroed in on a specific target market and are leaving the rest to creators.

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Ensemble really looked at making 3 as an any players game. Relic is focused on the hard RTS side of things. Really a shame being they leave out atleast 50% of the market. Even those who do pick it up hoping for an experience alot like AOE3 will be highly dissapointed and no doubt drop off in activity really quick. If they just dont avoid the title all together.


They did? Because, as a casual player, AoE4 is a lot easier for me to get into. AoE2 I was hard stuck doing calculus while my base was getting overrun. I am having a much better time in AoE4

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Compared against 2 your right in some ways. The main issue with 2 is the active players have been perfecting and playing it for YEARS and YEARS for the most part. I guess i clarified my comparison a bit late in the next comment, relating my reply to AOE 3. Which seemed more on par with a builder and engaging in a campaign against the enemy. This title seems to revert back to 2 in many ways. I find it stupid i have resource drop points (wood makes sense the other 3 are pointless) also i need 5 of each barracks type just to produce troops at any reasonable rate. Every city looks like a cluster of military buildings, Instead of a city…

I too enjoy 4 more than 2. But 3 really seemed to be geared to be less competitive and more diverse in the crowds that picked up on it. On 2 and 4 I feel like you have to train yourself to play before you can even think about an online game. You sort of need RTS experience or your screwed.


The game is getting quite annoying now with people rushing.

Please add treaty time as soon as possible. You are taking away from all the people that like to build a city before battle.


For people like me who like to build a city and then go to war this game is not playable like this.

I have quit multiple games tonight due to rushing.

Wasted lots of my time and time of others who are in the game.

Please add treaty time. The game is useless without it for a lot of us.


Assuming you mean for custom games then yeah sure good idea. If you mean in matchmaking then absolutely not.


Can I get a refund for this game? I have just quit a 3 v 3 because the other team rushed my team mates settlers.

The game is a waste of time for a lot of people without treaty time, it is not playable like this.

It just wastes so many peoples time to not have treaty time within the game and rushing settlers after 7 minutes makes the game rather silly.

How does someone get a refund for the game?

Are you talking about custom games where you guys agreed to a treaty time or what?

Agree their should be 15-20 min treaty mode , in custom as well as as a option to search specially treaty matchmaking with players intrested , like in aoe3de .

Treaty community had been pretty loyal to age Frenchie , may be becoz other game has mode like this .