Trigger "Modify Attribute" does not scale up existing unit's current HP

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

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  • GAME BUILD #: 101.102.15522.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

  • Trigger “Modify Attribute” does not scale up existing unit’s current HP.
    e.g. Set Man-at-Arms to maximum 100HP, all existing Man-at-Arms with full HP will become 45/100HP. Before the new patch, it will be 100/100HP Man-at-Arms.

  • Also ignores maximum HP:
    e.g. Set Man-at-Arms to maximum 25HP, all existing Man-at-Arms with full HP will become 45/25HP.

  • Only affects particular units, for now, I only confirm Man-at-Arms and Long Swordsman being affecting by this bug, might be more.

  • Even if the unit does not affect by the bug above, they might be affected through the unit-line:
    e.g. If I set Skirmisher to 75HP, E.Skirmisher to 100HP, Imp.Skirmisher to 120HP
    The result: Skirmisher 75/75HP, E.Skirmisher 75/100HP, Imp.Skirmisher 75/120HP
    I can confirm the Spearman-line and Ghulam-line also has this issue, the bug might affecting all unit lines.

  • New created unit has no this issue.

  • Never encounter any similar issue before the new patch.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

  1. Create a new scenarios, place a Man-at-Arms, Long Swordsman, Skirmisher, E.Skirmisher, and Imp.Skirmisher.
  2. Use the Trigger “Modify Attribute” to do the following steps:
  3. Increase or decrease Man-at-Arms and Long Swordman Hit Points.
  4. Increase or decrease All Skirmishers Hit Points, All of them need to have different maximum HP, higher or lower
  5. (Optional) Use the Trigger “Create Object” to create additional units.
  6. Test the scenarios and check their HP.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

Trigger “Modify Attribute” should scale up all existing units’ current HP, as it does before the new patch.

:arrow_forward: IMAGE

Please note the HP of the units.
I only used the trigger “Modify Attribute” to change the maximum HP and got this result:

:arrow_forward: GAME FILES (SAVE / RECORDING)

Unit HP test.aoe2scenario (1.2 KB)


I just posted a bug report on the Replace Object effect, where HP also no longer scale up or down as they should. Maybe these two bugs are caused by the same issue?


Interesting, and inspired by you, I tested what happens if I use Modify Attribute to decrease the maximum HP, and yes, the units hold more HP than they should.

e.g. 45/25 HP Man-at-Arms

added it to the post.

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Sorry for pushing the post, but I really want the Devs to see this!

I am making a custom scenario that includes heavy use of Modify Attribute so I really want it to be fixed.


I am also experiencing a probably related issue. The bug happens based on the amount you increase HitPoints by. If I modify attributes to Add HitPoints. If I add 5 or 6 hit points, everything seems fine to me. But if I add 7 or 8 hit points, the Current HitPoints decreases while the Maximum HitPoints increases.

I noticed this because I am making an RPG so the values of HitPoints increases is different over time and I’ve been trying to find the issue because it was working at the beginning of the game but bugged later and after investigation the amount seems to be the culprit but have no idea why that would matter.

I tested this by modifying the amount of HitPoints gained at the start of the game to 7 or 8 and the bug happened right away.

The units that it happened to (but I am assuming it will happen to all): Man at arms, Light Cav, Hussar, Winged Husar, Knight. I also used Replace Object to upgrade the units.

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After testing a bit more it happens with an increase of 5 hp too. But for some reason it doesn’t happen in the beginning of the game when my HP is low. Maybe it depends on how much hp you’ve added previously too.

Also found another bug trying to understand when it happens.

I tried this

Timer 1 (Looping)
Modify Attribute > militia Add 6 Hitpoints

Timer 10
replace object → militia → man at arms

The man at arms CURRENT HP is being modified by the militia trigger above to seemingly random numbers like 300 2000 800 200 over and over, and the moment you take damage, you just die. It might be related.

After doing more testing it seems to be related to units that are upgrades.
Simple to reproduce:
Create a new scenario place on the field:
1 militia(40 HP)
1 man at arms(45 HP)
Add a trigger to increase man at arms HP by 5.
Man at arms is now 45/50 HP
Now add an addtional effect to increase militia HP by 5.
Man at arms is now 40/50 HP
Militia is however 45/45 HP
Modifying attribute of militia is negatively affecting its upgrade tiers. This is why it happens later in my game as units get upgraded the bug becomes more and more serious.

Also could be 2 different bugs since the militia gains HP when increasing HP, but man at arms loses HP even when you don’t modify militia.

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Every damn minor patch the Modify Attribute trigger gets bugged somehow…

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We’re already tracking this issue. Thanks for the report.

Yeah, it’s really disheartening to see that the Scenario/Campaign bugs continue to be so low priority, year after year, often in very similar ways to how it was previously broken. I think part of the problem is that there aren’t currently many(any?) very well known Scenario/Campaign creators right now to advocate for quick fixes to these bugs, whereas T90 complaining about the regicide garrison bug last year was enough to get a hotfix pushed out within a week. Famous creators of yesteryear, like Phillysouljah, now work for FE, but I imagine his concerns are limited to the projects he works on. But I get the feeling that our complaints and bug reports as Scenario creators just always get sent to the the back of the line - a line that has grown much longer with bugs related to the Xbox port, and will surely grow much more with RoR.

I don’t want to be that guy that complains all the time, but it’s hard to overstate how annoying this is for anyone trying to play, or especially make, any kind of campaigns or scenarios when these bugs rear their heads time and time again. And I’m starving for reasons to be optimistic when there’s no indication that this is suddenly going to become a priority in the future.

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Looks like the last RoR major update somehow failed to address this issue.


Yeah. Rome has returned, but functioning trigger effects haven’t…