Trigger question

Hello everyone,

I have a basic question. If I want a player to lose the game if they lose a certain building, how do I do that? I’ve tried a few ways and can’t seem to figure it out.

Thank you.

You make a condition: either Destroy Object (select an object already placed on the map at the start of the scenario), or Own Fewer Object (specify the Object, and set 0 in the quantity field: it reads “less or equal”).

You make an effect: Declare Victory (set the player in question) and make sure the “victory” box is unticked (you want the opposite of the player winning the game, i.e. being defeated).

What condition should look like if you want it to detect if Player 2 has 0 Castle:

If you want a very specific, pre-placed particular building (for example this one castle among many others), then use the Destroy Object condition instead, and select the building in question.

What effet should look like if you want Player 2 being defeated if he has 0 Castle:
screen 1