Trigger Studio for Aoe2 DE

Hello modding community,
in case some of you are interested in the upcoming Trigger Studio, i found the developers github page :

Seems like he thought there are no requests for an update…
Make sure to comment and motivate them to finish the project so we all can benefit from this amazing tool


Does anybyody know if triggers and player slot and colour are still like in hd so unstable.

So if the player in slot 5 picked colour 4 then trigger were often bugged and affetec the wrong one.

just tried it out: still bugged. SO if you have for exmaple 2 players in the lobby and anybody chooses a colour higher than 2 (so 3-8) then no trigger will work for this player.

color 4 is player 4, the slot position doesnt matter in the lobby, only the color matters

BTW a small update:
I recently started learning basic Python and figured out how to copy triggers and paste them for all players 1-8 (depending how many you want)
If you guys want me to help, add me on steam and i will do it for you(or show you the code)
My Steam: 82410871
You can basically make a scenario that is for many players but only do the triggers for Player 1 and I will copy them for the rest :slight_smile:

Is it possible to include triggers into rms? I know for sure it is in aoe 3. Anyone got in for for de?

Hey there, was hoping to ask you about this - I have a scenario I’m making and am really interested in the code you mentioned - I’ve done all of the scripts (over 100) for player 1 and would love a way to save some time copying them all :slight_smile: I added you on Steam, is there a better way to communicate? Thanks!