Trolls on the rise again

wtf is up with this increasing rate of griefers…

Players are sad that they lost so they start building junk in every hidden corner of the map

is it some sadistic plan hoping ill get bored and quit so they still get a win? ffs

3rd time in a row now

Maybe dont spam 105. Never had that problem.

I mean, I pulled that on my IRL friends when I played AOE3 a few times, but it was for a laugh

Saw this multiple times on AOE2 lobbies too

yeah i think its funny doing it to friends irl, because its about the social setting, but when im playing ranked its just a drag…

I get you, it’s just unnecessary to do.

You clearly can understand when to give up.

idk, maybe some of them don’t know about the resign button (some of them obv)

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Sorry, but i have to say i dont believe you. I never saw this behaviour on hundreds of games. Never. You claim it happens 3 games in a row. Pretty sure you are either exagerating or you are just so annoying in any way your opponents want to annoy you in return.

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Thank you in advance for your patience with my question – I don’t quite understand what is shown in the attached image.

This is red’s starting base after being attacked and the green player has walled it in?

Edit: Ok. I think I get it now. You play as Goths and you wall in your opponents. This irritates them and so they troll you back by stretching out the game by placing buildings in the corners. I’m not suggesting that your choice of civs or attacks is inappropriate – it just makes opponents salty.

What is your ELO ?
Some players reported that the level of toxicity increases in the 1000 ELO range (and below) in ranked, although I never really had to experience it.
As others have stated, it didn’t happened to my either, like never.

In my short experience, the AoE community is one of the most polite and civilized (got it :wink: ) across all platforms. I’ve found myself talking to complete strangers after the game finishes how was their game, what did they think about it, how was their days, etc.
@phoenix1089 I’m sorry, for you having your recent experience with trolls. Maybe it is all about the cheap points, which they hope they can gain to satisfy their small ego. If the remedy is non-ranked RM games, I ma all in. Let the game hide our ranks and ELO points and just have fun!

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So someone lost a game, but just hide vills in the corner and that kind of stuff? Is that all what happened?

Picture is unclear to me. I clearly miss something.

Same to me, unless he is walling off his opponent and opponent respond in kind by building buildings all over the map like someone guessed before.

What I personally understood from the picture is that red made a sneaky base in green’s base and tried to troll him. But that’s a huge amount of red dots for a sneaky base ngl

For me Phoenix is green and tried to wall in his opponent, but red escaped and didnt want to resign early. That is at least what the picture is meant to show us… Walling in your opponent is in my eyes a troll strategy as well… So in that case Phoenix is trolling as well.

So i hope @phoenix1089 will clarify what he really means.

Hahahaha @phoenix1089 please tell me that’s what you were doing here, I love it :rofl: but yeah… people will get salty if you do this too them. I randomed goths a few days ago so I went hard for the lame and the dude was so pissed. People get mad when you use cheese strats :man_shrugging: I dont agree with it but it’s how a lot of people feel.


I mean I personally think of my main base as expendable and continue to try until all hope is lost, but that’s just me - other players might not be as good at it and may seem like trolling but really isn’t - of course the actual trolls are the ones that just hide their last few villagers in the trees as well as they can until the game ends and doesn’t really build anything - just for laughs and giggles as the enemy attempts to find them - people who actually build stuff are likely the types that are still trying to scramble to win

There is a tech called “Spies”. If you don’t want to make scouts and build outpost in game like this, research it.

Thanks. I’ve used it. But it’s still a matter of getting to imperial. Getting the gold. Using the tech. Chasing down each vil and killing em.

I didn’t want to post multiple screenshots. But if you look at the mini map you’ll see there’s red dots scattered all over the place. I could have posted screenshots of each tc and each villager. But that’s not the point. A single incident screenshotted and perfectly catalogued is pointless.

By this logic anything can be justified.

I can swear and demean you because i decide frank knight rush is a troll strat. :+1::+1: Thanks!

In this case i militia rushed him and eventually walled.

In the previous two games i didnt. I played aztecs and attacked him in castle age and we played until imperial. Then when i beat him, we played around the entire map while he built over and over and over. Literally sending small groups of vils to every corner of the map.

But yeah whatever i obviously deserved it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Love this victim blaming.

Well done guys. Forum is on peak performance as usual :ok_hand::ok_hand::clap::+1:

You claim to be a victim, but i dont know why you claim to be a victim. We all know the rules of the game: The game ends if the enemy resigns or gets defeated. Fighting till the very end isnt trolling. Also you dont always know if there isnt a chance for you to comeback into a game. If it is really about hiding vills in the corner (nothing in the first post really seems to suggests this), then it is really frustrating. I have experienced that as well.

But there is nothing bad with just trying to win. You said he was building TCs. That seems to me like he still tried to win. That is something different then really hiding in the corner. I have to say: Something i also go try hard and dont wanna resign early. To give you some examples:

  1. I have played a game on Hideout. My main base was completely destroyed. I even got 105’d. In the mean time i already had moved my eco and launched a counter attack. In the end i was almost able to win the game. In the end i blame the civ match up for the result. I had a good chance in winning that game if i wasnt Turks. After the game i had a chat with the enemy and he apologized for his early 105.
  2. In one of the first DE Game i played against the Goths. It might be the patch in which they were just buffed. The enemy destroyed my base on Acropolis. He also found my second base of the hill, which i couldnt defend. I think i had to move my base 4-5 times and build around 8 TCs. Everything i was just able to hold off from the full whipe. Normally i would give up, but not this time. In the end i had enough eco to still destroy the enemy of my opponent and even win the game.
  3. I have played some team games on BF at Voobly in the past. I have seen complete base trades. In the end everyone had to move his base. But the game still continues

So fighting untill the very end isnt bad at all. Most players and in most games the game ends before the very end, since the losing players / team resigns. But you arent force to resign. You can also continu playing. That isnt part of ‘being a troll’.

Please give as the definition of trolling / troll strat.


For sure, with the limited info we have, they could have just been trying to survive and eventually win as @WoodsierCorn696 says; hoping for a surprise comeback. Or they could have just been having fun and had time in their day to kill in an “it’s not over 'til it’s over” sort of thing, so wanted to play hide and seek for a while.

I’m not saying that is, indeed, the case… but there are often two sides to stories, and the above possibilities seem perfectly viable to me as thoughts they may have had; as annoying as they might be for you to play against once, let alone three times in a row, sigh. Hide and seek for a while is fine by me and I wouldn’t see it as trolling. Conquest to me means having to get rid of every last enemy unit, even if they have to be chased down or flushed out in corners of the map.

Also, if you look at the map through their lens, they may not have known how truly big and bustling your empire was. And maybe had scores turned off so didn’t see any vast difference in scores that there might have existed? Not sure on the latter, given three games in a row like that, but is a possibility for one or two of the games, I suppose.

All just surmising.

It may just come down to each person’s definition of “trolling.” Semantics. I, personally, don’t see scurrying off to try and survive and rebuild, or just to survive longer, as trolling; but I get why some players would consider it that.