Troubles with publishing mods

Newlines get automatically removed from mod description and it is impossible to add embedded hyperlinks.

For example here is a description of Visible Corpses (Normal Graphics) mod before update (there are couple of embedded hyperlinks in there, that are working, although they are displayed with same color as rest of text):

… and here is a description after update (newlines have disappeared and I was forced to add hyperlinks as plain text because there was no way to embed them):

If it is possible, then I would like that description of my “Visible Corpses (Normal Graphics)” mod would be restored from backup, because it was actually working completely fine before, except color of embedded hyperlinks.

Mod change list is incorrectly displayed in ingame mod browser.

Change list on website:

Change list in ingame mod browser

Little bit before 23th november 23:00 GMT I tried to update my Visible Corpses (Enhanced Graphics) mod, but it hanged and didn’t end successfully.
I observed from Windows Resource Monitor, that browser stopped uploading data at some point while upload circle was still rotating on website. Maybe it was because size of that mod is now 531 MB, which exceeds maximum limit of 500 MB? Can this limit be increased?

@DodoNotDoDo Hopefully you can help :slight_smile:

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We have an update in progress to fix the formatting.

We can bump up the allowed file size too.

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Alright, please let me know when these issues are fixed :slightly_smiling_face:
Mod size limit should be as large as possible because for example “resources\_common\drs” folder size is currently 35.9 GB with enhanced graphics so if someone would heavily mod graphics, then mod can easily reach GB-s in size.
Hopefully in addition to newlines there will be other formating options like hyperlinks, bold, etc supported too, like in the past.

Formatting is back now, file size soon.

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what do you mean by bump up the allowed file size?

Increase it, to allow for larger than 500mb mods. This would be on the web site, I’m not sure if the game imposes a file size limit itself. If it does, I’ll have to request they update that which could take longer.

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Has the file size limit been increased?

Yes, up to 1gb now. .


thats always welcome, what about through in game mod manager, is there a limit?

That I’m not sure about. I know it’s raised for Age IV, not sure about II DE.

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I tried to update my mod now (572 MB), but loading circle just stopped sometime and nothing more happened (no error message either). This was around May 1st 09:00 GMT. I tried again around 09:20 GMT, but failed again.

EDIT: Oh, after trying to publish for the third time and once again noticing, that loading circle has stopped with no apparent result, I left the tab open in my browser and when I returned to the tab awhile later I discovered that mod had successfully uploaded :open_mouth: This was super confusing, would be better if there would be a progress bar with percent to clearly indicate progress of publishing.

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Unfortunately, we can’t show a progress bar because we don’t know how long it will take to complete. If it was purely the uploading part, that we could track, but it’s the backend publishing part that usually takes the longest and is unpredictable.

I can look into whether we could do some kind of status update though so you know it’s still working. Like Uploading… Uploading complete… Scanning… Publishing… Complete!


That would be usefull indeed

You could just avoid removing the loading circle, so that publisher would know, that publishing is still happening. Currently I get the impression, that publishing has failed, when loading circle suddenly disappears.

Also if publishing speed mainly depends on size of the mod, then you could maybe calculate average time for uploading single MB and depending on this info display to the publisher estimated progress (for example if his/her mod has size of 50 MB, then display progress bar for 50 times the average upload time of single MB).

Gotcha, I’ll look into the circle disappearing, that may be a bug.

And the publishing time isn’t really affected that much by the size of the mod, the times can be wildly different regardless of size.

@DodoNotDoDo @Yorok0

I have been observing for a good while now. Upload itself is quick as long as we got good internet and fast connection to the server hosting mod files.

I think the circle is more to do with mod server checking for stuff that doesnt passes it’s test and would require removal or censoring etc. since I got network meter I always monitor it and after upload, circle would still keep going.

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The disappearing circle should be fixed now.

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