Turk buff for games outside of arena

Hussars are a good counter to foot archers you just can’t charge blindly at then. Foot archers wreck that kind of thing.

As for magundai we already proved turkish cav archers win against them and trade cost effectively.

Still waiting for you to prove most people agree with you by the way.

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check hera,viper,mbl and other pros comments about turks maybe then u can understand it…Then check reddit …or type Worst civ in AOE2 to google click on some links …check youtube … Or wait i will send you some CIV tiers that is posted

and pls listen to HERA what he says about turks and their archer countering problems.in all of these posts turks are considered as worst or one of the worst… for my opinion worst …
This videos above is very very correct answer for your question.

And every single person who plays is on a forum of some kind? Not even close. Notice viper doesn’t bring up the foot archer problem and I trust viper more then hera. Might have something to do with viper wrecking hera all the time.

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according to viper turks are in worst too…ı trust on my own at first and i call turks worst …all well known pros are thinking in a same way with me more or less they find turks worst or one of the worst…so ? any blank point to fill ? i dont think so i believe u have ur answer well so cya .
im done talking to this nonsense… Its clear that the turks are worst as i said…not even close to be called balanced as some people claimed!..turks have no answer to siegeram+halbs they have no answer to strong arc civs they dont have trash …Need some buffs its clear

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According to viper their issue is dealing with pikes and rams. Not archers

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i agreed on that . also hera thinks they dont have efficient answer to strong archers too and i agreed with him also…
still waiting you to delete or edit ur posts where u directly insulted me calling ‘’ dead mindset ‘’ etc.
and u call others to not to speak with me also…
one of them also called me turk nationalists that was kind of awkward too…(even if im not turkish)

Already deleted that post. And I already proved you wrong on the archers. Hussars and magonel neat them and heck even their cav archers can take cost effective trades

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thank you.
you are so kind.
I said u maybe right about hussar maybe i failed that …
but still i dont believe mangonel can be trusted to counter fu arbalest or other imp archer.
i will take a look at cav archer didnt checked yet.

Just don’t go making promises you have no intention of keeping.

i would do it if the 7 range mangonel was enough to counter fu arbalest …as i said in some points u can kill bunch of fu paladins with onagers but that doesnt make s.onagers cavarly counter.
i believe u understand me.

i already proved it though. You didn’t ask to prove it counters it either. You asked me to show you an arb being killed by a magonel.

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maybe then i must have written in rage im sry for that :smiley: what i meant is mangonels are not suitable counters as they have been outranged and their blast rds is weak.
if we understand each other lets peace.

Your exact quote is as follows

Thus why I say be careful what you say

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sure…there i wrote it in rage cuz i found it awkward to counter arbs with 7 range arbalests. I exagrated the situation a bit by saying single arbalest…What i meant is its not a way u can rely on.

How can they have issues with Rams, when they have Cavaliers, Champions (which also counter Pikes) and BBCs?

They have instant HC + BBC in Imp, so they should not have issues with Pike + Ram unless they run out of Gold.

If we speak about countering archers in Imp, Turk skirms are about as good as Burmese, Celt and Frank skirms. Of course no onager makes life harder, but Turks get siege ram and cavalier so they can use it to counter archers. If Hera think Turks have huge archer problems, it’s because he picked them against Briton, proceeded to play them… let’s say not optimally and got his behind kicked hard. However the Turks can have archer problems in early castle age, before they can get mangonels, or if they are denied gold and didn’t get all their archers upgrades (and even then they aren’t too happy about it)

Come on, it’s like when people say “I will eat my hat” of course it wasn’t some oath or something super serious.

I asked the same a while ago and the answer is that while many civs weak to pike + ram (like Briton, Berbers, ect…) can use champs to counter it, the cost and time needed to upgrade champs will either slow them into reaching their main army composition, or it means they are going to die real fast if they didn’t plan ahead. So either way these civs won’t like being attacked by this combo.

Even then, with BBC and Cavaliers, it should not be that much of a problem.

Also, they should scout for Rams, since those move rather slow, and prepare Champs regardless.

Turks have no excuse, since they do not even pay for Light Cavalry, Hussars or Chemistry, and that almost covers the cost of Champions.

Turks also have instant HCs, so Hussar + HC should handle Ram + Pike well enough.

Sure, but forcing the Turks to use their savings for champs instead of gunpowder is a win for the ram+pike dude if he is playing a siege or infantry civ, as it will force the Turks on a terrian they are less confortable than his civ. Of course not to say this make Turks too weak/strong, as many civs (like Huns) are viable even tho they are even much weaker to pikes + rams.

Well, pikes kill hussar faster than HC kill pikes in return, and while HC damage against ram is OK I wouldn’t like to rely too much on them to stop rams.

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Well, there is also HC + BBC, which should be an even harder counter to Ram + Pike.

Turks get both at the beggining of Imp.

Jans are also decent against Ram + Pike, incidentally.

It’s certainly not a hard counter, I’d say it’s even not a soft counter. The attack bonus from hc and janni just compensates for their slow fire rate. They still are better vs rams than archers and vs low ram numbers bbc and hc is fine but vs a lot of siege rams they are very vulnerable. When the ram train approaches you you have to micro your bbc back and your foot gunpowder can’t kill them fast enough to prevent your castles from going down. Also it’s pretty likely that in such a push-heavy situation both players have castles behind them which can get rather akward for the Turks expensive and fragile composition while less so for ram and trash.

That’s why Turks really can struggle against rams. However, while that’s really important on closed maps, on open maps Turks oftentimes have to go for gold units from the stable so it’s not that bad. And I guess we all agree that it’s perfectly fine for Turks to have some weaknesses on arena or the like because they are already pretty strong here.

I honestly don’t know if I ever saw Turk champs. Could be an emergency move but absolutely not what you want to do. The time and resources you need for the switch might just straight up finish instead of saving you. Cavalier usually makes more sense but that does not work towards their desired unit composition. Especially the high gold cost is pretty bad when you need to invest gold in your expensive gunpowder units.

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