Turks need Houfnice

Turks need Houfnice, and/or unique tech Artillery affect Jenissaries.

Jenissaries are good, but with the last boost on hand cannoner, they have the same LP, this is the most iconic gunpowder civilization, PLEASE!

Is a shame the most iconic gunpowder civilization has less power than bohemians, in addition to not having onager, halabs or elite skirmishers, like bohemians.

Getting acces to Houfnice, is the less we can give to this so unique and classic civilization, that way it could be a less weak vs mass archers.


No. Houfnice was not something the Turks ever used, so giving it to them would be a pointless and strange idea. If they were to get any upgrades for their BBCs it would be to convert them into Mega-Bombards or Great Bombards, for sake of historical accuracy. You can’t give the unique unit of one civ to another civ just because you think they need it to fit their role. There needs to be a vestige of historical realism at least.


Well, was just an idea of boost since the classical civilization of gunpowder become so weak with the years, and has’t halabs or skirmishers, like bohemians.

Still Artillery could affect Jenissaries, and get siege engineers.

Also, mayans and azteks had not access to any steel. :wink:

Lol Turks are pretty strong on Arena to be ever buffed in the main strenght, which is gunpowder, so no.

Even if they have steel, I don’t think that they have unique units belonging to another civ.


Only in low level becuase they don’t micro vs gunpowder army, or so unbalanced match, like Viper/Hera, making a stream about “strong turks” vs a random 2k player. jajajajaja xD

Go and check pro Arena tier lists, Turks are at S tier civ.


Turks are literally the best gunpowder civ and are stronger than they have ever been


Go check the tier lists from pros and from clowns. Turks are highly rated


Are you played Bohemians gunpowder + Houfnice + “trash units”? is like humiliating for Turks.

Its because low skill players are majority, they cant micro vs gunpowder, but in any competitive 15++ Fair game turks are weak.

Good luck getting there. Turks should be hitting before bohemians can get to a post imp stranglehold composition. I’ll take the opinion of pros over yours any day.

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So I guess Viper, Daut, Dracken, Jonslow are all low skill players (All have a good experience on Arena).
If there was a “KOTD” tournament for Arena, Turks would be among top pick and ban.

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Meanwhile janissaries outrange and kill everything in castle age, we totally need them to do the same in imp Kappa


Turks have insane light cav argainst archers. And their HCA should also deal quite well against archers actually.

No Turks don’t need the Houfnice. Artillery is enough.

Turks could gain siege engineers the same time as spanish gaining the ability for their bombard canons to fire as fast and as accurate as their cannon galleons

It is a little crazy that Turks cannot even have Pikes to protect their Janissaries and Bombard Cannons, while Bohemians have some of the best Halberdiers in the game. However if we look at the bigger picture Turks have fully upgraded heavy camels to deal with enemy cavalry, so spears aren’t really needed. Archers used to be a big weakness for Turks without Elite Skirm, but the extra Pierce Armor on Hussars solved this pretty effectively. Turks are gold-heavy, but they have a nice eco bonus to support this. I think they’re balanced well.


The Indians have the long range Hand Cannoneers.

Bohemians have indeed the better late game comp (in a straight matchup between these two and in most civ matchuos). At least on arena but that’s where you see those civs mostly either way. Turks however have the better castle age and early imp comp. In fact the way these two civs play their gunpowder units is completely different. If the game goes full boom into late game bohemians will try to get wagons halbs and houfnice in most matchups while turks usually go cav archer hussar bbc here. Tbf both are am the best unit comps in the game. If the game is more aggressive early on bohemians probably use monks and archers while turks can go jannis.

In short both civs excel in gunpowder in their own right just at different stages of the game. You cant really compare them to one another.

And btw jannis are better than hand cannon as long as you can micro. Whichs means if both of these civs go for that in castle age turks easily win.

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Bohemians are broken, Houfnice is a gimmick, no idea why they implemented it to the game, actually I know, gimmicks sells. So one being vulgarly designed doesnt mean we should ruin the others.