Turks New Artillery

This seems like a great overall buff for the Turks. Since Artillery no longer costs stone and now costs wood. The Turks can now save the stone and use it to be annoying with forward Bombard Towers. (with more range than normal Bombard Towers) Plus, getting Artillery much easier allows the Turks to be far more aggressive. This will help them do a good push before gold mines run out when they are at their weakest.

Will the Turks still be considered awful civ in 1v1? How would this affect the Turks in team games? WIll we see more Bombard Towers from them?

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Where is this list of buffs?

It’s not the official list yet but they are already implemented in the update preview.

They aren’t awful in 1v1. I mean they excel on closed maps and are among the best civs there. So nobody expects them to be a top civ on open maps. But with the extra pa on scouts line they perfectly viable here atm.

Not too much I guess. Can be nice but won’t affect most games.

Probably but I guess mostly because people will try them out after the change11

Bombard towers still cost a lot of gold, which turks need for everything but husssars.

So in 1v1 turks will still be limited by gold. I thing we will se them more in TGs