Tweaking the ''Dutch East India Company'' Card

This Age II card is available to the dutch and was introduced in the TWC expansion. It decreases the cost of banks (- 52.5 food and wood) and improve significantly their HP (from 4000 to 8000, a 100% increase).

Unfortunately, this cards is not used at decent/competitive level. It is absent in the deck of most dutch player. I find it really unfortunate because i) the card picture looks really good and ii) the VOC was one of the most important piece in the dutch colonial and commercial success.

But why it is not used ? It is inferior to the bank wagon shipment and the 700/600 wood. The 100 % HP increase is nice, but it is not sufficient to bring this card in a deck. I would like to discuss what change could me made to make this card more usefull. I am aware that a similar post was made by cofeeco01, but I don’t think making this card a age 1 card will solve the problem.

What I propose :
Economic theme change (Banks are more resistant and generate more gold). The theme of the card is kept, as the VOC brought enormous amount of money to the dutch.

i) Keep the 100 % HP and remove the cost reduction
ii) Add a 10% bank generation increase (half of tulip speculation)
iii) Is now an Age 3 card

I do not consider an additional 10 % gold generation to be unbalanced. With 5 banks, it is equals to 1.4 gold second. With 7 banks, 1.93. And with 11 banks, 3 gold per second. By comparison, a +25% increase for estate gatherer correspond to arround 3.5 gold per second for 40 settlers.

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I agree that the card needs to be changed. I think your ideas are worth experimentation.

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Dutch dont need more eco buffs, O think they need a nerf instead. A huge economy plus more population is OP af and having more canons turn them very efficients

Dutch painters card wasnt needed since they already had coin to wood trade

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The topic is how to make one card more useful (and used). The comment « Dutch are op and need a nerf » is not very useful to the debate, because everyone could say the same things for basically every civ.

Banks are a huge component of the dutch civilization identity, but there are not a lot of cards that affect banks outside of increasing the bank limit or increasing the trinckle. The card I want to revamp is the only card that is kinda exotic, but it is never used. I was hoping other ideas would be proposed.

Maybe bank could be used as shippment drop point, or have a weak attack like the iroquois long house, or slowly train a unit I don’t know. I believe shrines and torps have access to more shippments with funny bonuses.

I get your point, sure. But dutch are enough strong turtling. Maybe it could be something similar to spanish marvelous year: banks gather x% faster for Yseconds while other resources are gathered slower (to avoid OPness)

i would rather change nothing or even remove the hp buff but make it age 1

Por que no simplemente hacen lo siguiente la carta de 1 banco que pueda ser enviada en edad 1 y que esta carta pueda enviar también un banco y ya nada de más ventajas, solo hacer eso

The hp bonus is the only thing interesting about this shipment. If this is an age 1 that only reduce the bank cost, it would never be used (because 3 villagers will be the better age 1 card).

just sending a bank in age 2 is relatively poor value, you might say its 700 resources but if you send 700 wood or food you can use those for units, or more efficiently manage those resources in general. it competes in rush with unit shipments and more immediately useful cards and in treaty you will never send such a card. in team games it might have a use but why not just send 700 wood and gather the food to make 2 banks.

Not as the first shipment but in transition to age 2 could be intresting.

It would be like how brit sends virginia company

These kind of comments indicate you are not that good as playing the dutch, and if you were watching good player like Soldier you would know it. The bank wagon is an excellent shipment, that is usually sent as the second or third shipment by competent dutch player. Most players often send 700 wood first these

There is multiple avantages to it : You don’t need to use your food to build additional banks and you can use it for military. You don’t need villagers to build it. The bank build xp bonus is huge and can speed up the next shipment.

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Yes but the third shipment will come way too late. Usually the second shipment for the dutch comes 10 seconds before hiting the second age or after building the first bank (unless xp treasures or lucky explorer kill).

okay, now go ask soldier if he would send 2 separate bank wagon shipments.

also there are ways to disagree with someone without being condescending.