Two legionary skins

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legionaries have different shields. I presume the first one is an earlier iteration from earlier versions of 2 DE. I tried looking for a mod that has the first skin but for some reason, the list of mods doesn’t load very well.
Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


After some digging, the first image comes from these files

There’s also a C version, but it looks the same as the B version, or at least I didn’t notice any difference.

The thing is that I when I try to download the first deployed version of the game using steam console, the download gets an error so I can’t get that file. If anyone that has the files would be so kind, I would be very grateful

This is probably out off topic, but I wish someone could make a mod changing that shield mark to that of “Chi Rho”.

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Hi @CanineCrown7153 , How did you manage to see the unit sprite in Genie Editor? Since a couple of patches ago I can’t see the sprite anymore

Also these:

  • u_inf_legionary_attackA_x1.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_deathA_x1.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_decayA_x1.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_idleA_x1.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_walkA_x1.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_attackA_x2.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_deathA_x2.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_decayA_x2.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_idleA_x2.sld
  • u_inf_legionary_walkA_x2.sld

Notice how the files I posted have the SMX extension. These are old files