Two screen

I’m wondering if there is a way to add a second monitor, entirely covered with the minimap or tech tree. Would be nice to have a very large minimap not on the way, or to have the tech tree since I still don’t know all civilisation… I’m thinking about some kind of second windows open that read memory from the game and can interact with it. Maybe, two windows for the same application would cause problem?

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That’d be pretty cool! A 2nd display just for that mini-map and other vital pieces of info at-a-glance of the player’s choosing (tech tree, chat window with AI commands, diplomacy window, etc.). All of them open at once, or whatever ones you want, in resizable panes. Some of these would be nice so you don’t have to pause the game or have an overlay blocking your view, etc. Would help in placing flares at more precise locations, distinguishing player colors, seeing enemies marching toward you, etc. Could be pretty nice

I assume we’d have to hit a quick hotkey or hotkey combo to access/control stuff on that 2nd screen. I’d be cool with that. Like, if I could hit TAB, or F1, or F2, or tilde (~) to toggle to that screen, that’d be great. TAB would be best for me, personally.

Eso Estaria interesante,
Se podria utilizar el Programa OBS, y capturar las zonas deseadas, y visualizarlas en la segunda pantalla.

You’ll learn them all in a couple months. :wink: