UI does not auto-update to reflect its current state

Game version:

  • Build: 38862 (it was also present in earlier builds)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


User Interface does not auto-update to reflect the current state of what’s either being hovered was hovered, unless manually moving the cursor from its current position.


  • Hovering a Town Center/Storage Pit/Granary after selecting a villager and sending it to return resources (icons do not disappear automatically unless moving the cursor out of the buildings): GIF_UI_NOT_AUTOUPDATING

  • Advancing from an Age to the next. Texts do not get automatically replaced or removed when advancing to the next Age(s). In this gif, we’re advancing from Bronze Age to Iron Age, though the text does not get replaced automatically with the new one, unless the cursor is moved:

  • The build and house icon button descriptions. Notice how the text (for the house) does not show unless I move the cursor from its original position: 2020-09-16-01-26-15-862

  • This part of the Scenario Editor does not get automatically updated unless I hower the cursor (sorry for the low-resolution):

  • Another example of this bug happening is when the minimap button (for different viewing options) is hovered and clicked. On hovering the button, it shows the description for the current viewing option, and also the hotkey is shown (ALT-S by default). Clicking on the button toggles the next viewing option, and while the “new” text is shown, the hotkey reminder won’t be displayed anymore, unless moving the cursor and hovering back to the button again: 2020-09-29-11-54-54-934

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Forgot to say that, to better show this issue I used the steroids cheat. The bug also makes an occurrence without it, of course.

This is a new example I just found: the text belonging to “map size” overlaps with the text coming from the “map type” list.

The expected behaviour would be to always show the hotkey reminder, whether the button is being clicked or not.