UI icons = Traffic Signs?

The council will now decide our fate…

But on a more serious note, the UI looks a bit simplistic, but I think it has everything there that needs to be there, it’s a bit odd to have the resource count display on the left hand side, that’s my only big complaint, I hope there will be an option to change that to the right hand side or the top.


that System with all these pictures made sense in age 3 and ONLY there :slight_smile:
Because these are all home city delivieries, so they have to be on one screen but easily destinguishable.

The only instance where so many info is given in age 4 would be the tech tree. There, it may be possible Unstylized icons are used, although I doubt it. they will be more like tne buiding delivery symbols in age 3, which themselves are quite simple.

Hiwever we didnt see the tech tree yet, so it may aswell have icons for each unit. But I am sure as the UI is that way, it will be just sa staylized as the rest.

This is fine, but if anyone is really annoyed by that, in 2022, when modding is possible, I am sure each icon can be interchanged with a handdrawn one, if one wished to do so^^

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well, its a modern documentary you are watching/playing, so the color firs. But I understand the want of a color you personally more like.
Lets stick with colors only first, as they are easier to implement. Maybe change it according to player color and then make it possible to change into brown for example. Wood grain finish seems a bit more special so I doubt such change/ option would happen :slight_smile:

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This ‘council’ is not a good representation of anything except themselves


they took parts of all player bases, so they are as representative as a well done survey. Of course a closed beta may also gove feedbakc, but for most of these things, a small playerbase was a good idea to have been influenced by. you can see this in how age 4 still clearly is an age game.

I don’t think the UI is as unpopular as you claim. In this graphics thread: Graphics likes/dislikes Poll
53% of players said they liked the UI and 25% said they disliked it (leaving 22% indifferent).


They are a great example of how icons could be made while being detailed, colored and artistic. The same exact principle applies to the UI icons. I did not reference this image to show the deck system :smiley: but to show you the icons. aoe3 has tons of them, made an in an excellent and appealing way.

These polls say very little to me. Not only are they created in an extremely poor manner, with a thousand of options and sub-polls, but their sample is also extremely small. There are actually 2 polls squeezed in there, one specifically for people to say what they liked and a separate one for people to say what they didnt like. These percentages are each for their own group.
You can’t get people’s attention to vote about the UI with all those options and even more important issues like were the arrows, the proportions and the graphics around them. Some vote specifically for their top priorities to reach higher precentages.

Other people may not even pay a lot of attention to the UI during the trailers and not even remember about it like Heinrich above who didnt mind as he said. But if you show them side by side the two versions, they will tell you which one is better and which they prefer.


I’ve actually always disliked the icons in AoE 3. They’re messy, and unclear, and there’s very little standardisation. AoE 3 is a great example of how not to do icons.


I see, in that case I will say that age 3 also had stylized ones for buildings - and I think the ones in age 4 look as nice, with less detail (which isnt necessary).

BUT of course more details/ beautiful Icons are possible. They would however not really fit the documentary style imo.

Anyways, as soon as modding comes, PPl may start to experiment there :wink:

What i more meant was that because of the deck system, age 3 had to have some more beaztiful card artwork icons anyway, which is probably why they went with it for the general UI aswell .

How come? I wonder how can you even defend this opinion as those icons literally build on what the franchise has been doing and improving since the dawn of time. You either haven’t played this franchise at all or you always hated what it has been doing with its UI/icons. Decide.


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Exactly. And looks like even among the council there was no unanimity on important designs like this one. Each must have been pushing towards their own personal preferences.

to be fair here, age 3 DID add a lot of color and background which 2 and mythology didnt have :wink:
I think that may be the sole reason. I actually like the nojn-background ones better, but they must fit the UI. (They do in age 2 where they are on a very datrk background - they dont in your shot from mytholgy)

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Because the icon designs in AoE 2 (and to a lesser extent, AoM) are much simpler and are better standardised.
The AoE 3 icons have quite a range of art styles and in many cases have far too much happening. I think the icons with the gold backgrounds are ok and the resources icons are alright, but beyond that, AoE 3 icons are pretty trash.


But they follow the same principles. They are just at better resolution and the units are actually drawn rather than compressed in game models.
I admit that they have some more background color but thats it. aoe2’s icons that you said you liked are way closer to that rather than what you see in aoe4.

Examples from all games



If you dont play for immersion and you get satisfaction only by competitive play and winning then YES, you dont care about none of that. It’s all trivial. But for the rest of us, it is not.

Look how beautiful the tech tree is. Judging from what has been shown to us right now, we will get none of that.


I am far in favor of age 2 icons over age 3, they were better readable (probably because less color and background).

And while the tech tree in age2 is a piece of art, I see why its not fitting the modern documentray style they are going for.

While it may be nice to have icons like in age 2, they would feel deplaced in age4 and not look well in the new environment imo


The question is whether you prefer any of those icons to the current ones that we saw. But my take is that you don’t, right?

I can’t see why or what has the documentary anything to do with them. Perhaps you could elaborate on that? Why wouldn’t such icons fit into this game?

I am not sure tbh, if I like age 2 or age 4 icons more, certainly not 3 :slight_smile:

Short elaboration by me- they chose a general modern documentary style which is displayed in may elements of the game.
Most promindent of course is the cutscenes from campaigns, leading to the buildings and people with golden outlines, then into gameplay.
The “ghost workers” also fit into that approach/design.
We saw now that the fog of war also will follow these guidelines of golden lines.
Basically we play a modern documentary.
And while the age 2/3 icons are beautiful, They were designed to fit a medieval time (age 2) or a card deck (age 3).
This is what I mean - they do not fit the general setting/graphics guideline of age 4 as modern documentary (at least to me).

The most fitting one might be to include actual real life pictures of what is portrayed, although that would be a) a LOT of work and b) probably too overwhelming/not quite fitting each nation :smiley:
Which is probably why they went with iconized, basic symbols rather than beautiful pictures.
Same as a documentary likely does. They dont try to be beautiful, more to illustrate.

All in all I think age 2 icons fit perfectly in the age 2 UI as its theme is medieval.
and the same goes for age 4 with the icons looking more modern, simplistic, somewhat golden, and on a dark blue background, being stylized.

I hope this did explain good what I am trying to say. Of course it is just my personal opinion.

As said I also did like aage 2 Medieval style UI, but it just isnt what the devs had in mind in age 4. WHich is also good because it would then have even moer age 2 remake vibes :wink: (may very well be a reason for the decision to go modern looking UI)

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In one hand, I kinda like how sober and clean the UI and icons look. In the other hand, this new UI and icons lack any personality, and Age games always had a lot of personality and cool, representative icons.

Also, as Andy says, probably part of that said council is not enthusiastic with the result, too. And don’t forget that the “council” is formed in a big portion by people that is there only because of being mediatic AoE community-related people (especially streamers) if I’m not wrong. So expect a little portion of valid, reasoned wisdom, and a lot of “that’s amazing” by the ones that are only being compliant because love their new role.


I honestly love how the new UI looks. When you play the game the UI is really not in your focus. So a UI that looks clean and gives you the infos you need to know at a quick glance is perfect to me. I especially like the iconography for the techs in the house of wisdom. They are so easy to read even for a new player and to me that is great.


Is that a specific observation about people whose identity you don’t even know or just a general statement about humanity?