UI Modding Widgetui (Controlgroups+Playername)

Hi there,

i have some things i like to change with my current UI.
An “how to” guide regarding the “widgetui-files” would be nice. So i woul dknow how to adjust what in the future is there something like that?

I bascily have to things at the moment that I want to change but not sure what file/line to edit. Can someone help me?
Here is a picture of what i would like to change

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Did not find the user name, but using the images to reverse search the files, it could be in widgetui blankbottompanel.json and commandpanel.json, not sure if there is actually a documentation to help us find stuff on all this, but if there is i would be glad to know about it.

When you’re in commandpanel.json you can search for “group” and try to find the correct one to modify.
For the name display (that i think is totally not usefull since you already well know your name) I did not find it yet.

Good luck