Ultimate Potential New Civilizations Review

Of course, that is, Paraguay could also be a complete civ apart from the Tupi…

  1. Exploration Age: Paraguay pre-independent (1537-1811) (Tupi allies and Jesuit conquerors)

  1. Commerce Age: Paraguay post-independence (1811-1841) (Government of Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia)

  1. Fortresses Age: Government of Carlos Antonio Lopez (1841-1862) (Intervention in the Platina War and conflict with Rosas and Oribe)

  1. Industrial Age: Government of Francisco Solano Lopez (1862-1870) (Paraguay of the Paraguayan War)…

  1. Imperial Age:End of Paraguayan War (1870-1904) (Period of reconstruction and the liberal revolution of 1904 that would begin the Paraguayan liberal period until 1940)


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Of course, change of name according to the region…

Sure, but it could still be done…

After kotm my guess is they’re going to squeeze in another civ for the americas before giving us the glorious asian dlc, in which case persia is practically guaranteed, and then most likely korea, although I would like to see thai/viet as the second civ.

It’s going to be interesting how they incorporate the 3 new euro civs into the consulate system.

My guess is italy will change market rates, sweden will increase infantry movespeed, and malta will increase building attack.

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Their criollo cannons and cohetes rock it :paraguay::+1::+1::+1:

The consulates for any hypothetical new civilization should only be options that make historical sense.

So for Korea, I propose that the options are China, Russia, Japan/United States.

Persia should have Sweden, Russia, and India or a hypothetical Oman.

Thailand would have India, France, and Britain.

Italians and Maltese were not involved in colonialism or trade in this part of the world. Sweden experimented with an East India Company, however.

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Poles and Germans (Austria) because they have a really good relationship with Persia.

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Brits, Dutch, Swedes and Portuguese.

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Right, Germans are an option, too, but I figured Sweden should have some inclusion here to get some exposure, and the Qajars worked with the Swedes to train their police and army.

Right. So Germans, Omani, Poles and Swedes for Persian Consulate.

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Almost any European civ could work as Consulate for Siam. Not because they were involved in trade in that part of the world, but because Siam was sending diplomats all over Europe and establishing diplomatic ties on their own.


Exactly, I wouldn’t have said it better…

Of course, I still think that many people would buy the Maori, since it would be the only oceanic civ of the saga (unless they put the Tongans in aoe 2)…

Of course,I still think they would put the Burmese and the Thai in a dlc of Southeast Asia and then in another dlc of the Far East, Vietnam and Korea…