Um… Another RoR Thread

I am curious, will you purchase AoE2DE plus RoR? Will players migrate to RoR? What are your genuine thoughts on RoR as a whole?

How many now @Louis0108?


Here I don’t know…

On the AOE2 87 and counting :grin:

AoE1DE is pretty dead. RoR will definitely be more successful.
I personally completely stopped playing AoE1DE when RoR was announced.


AoE DE only has 25 taunts compared to over 100 from AoE2DE…

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Here is the answer😁

I like the classical period and I like AOE2 so this is a no-brainer for me - already pre-ordered.

Also I like to support this franchise to encourage new product.

I agree 100% and did the same. I hope there are more players like you.