Unable to effectively distinguish Repeater crossbow

Zhuge crossbow and Chinese crossbow use exactly the same personnel model, but their uses are completely opposite, one against light armor and one against heavy armor.

Every time I use and counteract these two units at the same time, I need to spend so many time and attention to distinguish them carefully, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on the battle. Therefore, I suggest modifying one of the personnel models to distinguish them.

Moreover, there is still a bug that the steel crossbow changes back to the wooden crossbow, which further makes it difficult to score.

Here are three solutions:

  1. Make a new personnel model for Zhuge crossbow or Chinese crossbow.

  2. Apply the special unit model in historical campaigns.

  3. Directly apply the personnel model of Chinese archers. After all, these two are the units with the same purpose.



General crossbow and Chu Ko Nu should be easier to distinguish - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

As a chinese, I could tell you the Chu Ko Nu is using the voice of the archer, which is quite wrong in some sense. Shooting with a bow and with a cross bow uses different verb in chinese.

This is another topic…

And I remember Zhuge crossbow also uses the voice of crossbow.

The grenadiers used the voice of the archer, and then the firespear cavalry used the voice of the Scout.

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The action animation of the Grenadier is exactly the same as that of the archer.

It is said that the repeater crossbow itself is a temporary unit, so it has not had time to make a model. Is this true?

Will the production team see this feedback?

We see everything eventually—no need to post multiple times.

Thank you for the feedback! It has been captured for the team.

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