Unable to even play!

Hey guys! First time forum poster! I have been looking forward to playing AOE2DE since it was announced however I seem to be plagued by this crashing gremlin too! I have scoured the forums and tried different ideas but nothing works! All appears okay until I try to play any campaign and just closes the game and back to windows, no crash, no error nada. Cant even find an event logged. The game seems to chew my ram and cpu but didnt seem to go to 100% and im hoping someone can help me get this working!
My specs are:
Windows 10 pro64bit
Intel core i5 7400 @3.00ghz
8gb ram single channel@1200mhz
Asus tek strix h270f gaming
Nvidia gforce 1070 msi
Running off ssd.
Everythings updated and i dont have the UHD pack at all.
I have verified the game within steam
Checked my virtual memory & page filing and all appears in order, reset all settings ( even tried low everything)
vsync on all effects off and still no dice. Can anyone please help!

Search on this topic a list of possible solutions for common issues. By your description the problem is propably caused due to the memory leak issue.

Is this your real memory clock, the individual DDR pulse value?

To be honest i have no idea, im just starting with understanding how all this works so im a late bloomer with how to find everything out, those specs were just off speccy. Will that show me what your after?
Yea i did see that post, however when i checked through the suggestions on how to fix it i didnt have the automatic option ticked, it was already on custom at 4000 intial and 4000 max with 51392 mb availible. The total paging file size for all drives is min 16 mb recommended 1911mb and allocated 4000mb and didnt quiet understand how i needed to change it or if that was okay?

Yes, given that you use speccy this is your real clock.

So, the recommendation that the guy on reddit give is for you to change the maximum value to around 20Gb (20.000Mb). Remember to reset the PC after.

Also how’s your SSD storage space? It is much filled? And you have another storage drive available aside from this SSD?

Plus, disable Vsync, it impacts on performance.

Success! So far have launched a campaign and no crashing! Will let you know if any problems but thank you so much for your help! And ssd is almost full but have a 1T hardrive also

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Great!! Glad that it is working!

Avoid filling your SSD to the limit, also. This guy have some videos with reliable tips for your SSD, I recommend watching.