Unable to play online: AdvertisementJoinEvent error

While until 12 hours ago I was able to play online, now I receive the error
Source: AdvertisementJoinEvent Error Code 4

The same error appears for both ranked and unranked matches. I had a look if there was any maintenance but I can read that people are playing online without any issue but me.

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Even I’m facing the same issue. My error code is slightly different though. Did you figure out how to deal with this?

I waited a couple of days and it fixed by itself. Unfortunately I have no idea what the cause was.

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Logout of steam and then log back in, reboot DE and give it a minute. It should then work.

I’m seeing the same message today, although the error code is different. There is already a hint on the page itself that something is wrong, since the maps to ban or favorite are not working. How I came here: At first the page was working fine today and I could play a 1v1. After that I queued for 3v3 or 4v4 and upon match found people left, it took some time for the page to update and after 20 minutes of waiting and rejoining the queue, I couldn’t unqueue anymore. I went back to main menu and then opened ranked multiplayer again but it opened with a bugged version of already being joined to the queue. So I exited and restarted the game, but now I ended up with the bugs from these screenshots.

Hey, i have the same problem since 5 days. how long you wait?
ty for answer

Been havething this problem for ages. Also getting Error Code: 0x000000005 now…

Kinda giving up playing the game.

Any fix yet ?

I am also getting the same issue, anyone found a fix…?

So I finally found a fix for this. It has something to do with your ip adress.
If you go here and run change your ip address for computer couple of times it worked for me again. Good luck!

I couldn’t fix. I’ve tried all of these solutions. Can someone help me with this?

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+1 Same problem on 2023

My friend is getting the same problem, He plays through the xbox game pass