Unable to view map after game finishes

Unable to view map after game finishes when versing AI. Not sure if the ability to view the game map post game is working for player vs player games since the patch but it definately doesn’t work when you’re playing vs AI, it just goes striaght to the Stats screen


I get thrown out straight to stats after a game. Am I missing something? Patch says we can FINALLY finally see map after a game. But it’s not working. Was this tested at all?

It’s not just vs AI, it’s multiplayer pvp too.


It’s the same vs humans for me too. Doesn’t seem to work.

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Same here, does not seem to work.

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Somewhat disappointing tbh. Would have preferred the patch come out a couple days later or even the end of the week and not have these sort of issues… Game breaking bugs with infinate Abbasid armor and spearmen range… Why’d they remove shorefish icons from the game? It’s not just for river maps but they’re gone from all maps. It’s not like shore fish were the reason you couldn’t see anything on the minimap anyways. And it’s nice to be able to see the location of shorefish on the minimap. The fix was just to make all icons except home TC and wonders smaller. and make relics the same color as gold so they’re more difficult to locate?

The population panel has been updated to display depleted and remaining population space, rather than unit count.* This change should allow you to better account for siege and Naval units that count as multiple units.”

I tested this with siege and it doesn’t look like the supposed changes are working. The population panel looks and functions the same as before the patch.

Delhi didn’t seem like an overpowered civ before and now they’re probably less powerful since their research times are bugging out. Guess we just need to have some patience with this one but so far lotta bugs and slow updates. Wish devs get some more staffing numbers and maybe launch patches to players to test before it goes live

Thanks, all. Not sure what happened, but we’re looking into it.


Has anyone figured out how to view the map post game?

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No, nobody, another success of devs.

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From official dev. = Its just a prank bro. The whole ,patch, is a prank :grin:


maybe it’s just me but in the winter update posted on 11/15 one of the features is the ability to see the map post match as stated in the update notes. It’s not working for me. Is anyone able to view the map post match?
This is VERY disappointing.

Hi guys, The team informed me the patch notes have been updated to specify that currently the ability to view the minimap after a match is only available with team based multiplayer games.

From the blog post:

" The ability to view the map post-match is something you’ve asked for, and we’ve begun to make changes to allow you to do just that. With this latest update, you’ll be able to pan across the map and get a better view of player strategies if you’re eliminated from an ongoing team-based multiplayer match."

You could actually always continue watching the game in a team-based multiplayer match if you are eliminated and the other players are still playing… That hasn’t changed since last patch, unless you are no longer able to do this now.

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You’re correct, you’re meant to be able to see without the fog of war now, but it seems like it’s not been implemented as it says it is supposed to have been in the patch notes

Team games, I don’t think they’ll make it so fog of war is disabled unless the game is over. Someone on voice that is eliminated just shout out to their team what the opponent is doing.


This was the case for team games before the patch too though.


I saw that we could see the map at the end of the game after the update, I did the update and the problem is that there is still no this feature. It’s normal ? Or so I saw badly

Do you know where it is?

Thank you

Hi @Luminis8663, The feature is only available when you resign from a multiplayer team game before the game is over for all the other players. Fog of war is enabled.

The feature is very much in infancy. It’s not yet the feature where the game reveals the map without fog of war at the end of the match for all players and in most game modes, that Age fans expect.

Ah ok, thank you, is it coming soon?

@Luminis8663 he is not part of the development team and has no idea what he says. Patch clearly says viewing map after the game should be in the game.

@RadiatingBlade Stop replying tricking people into thinking you are part of Relic or have anything to do with the development of the game.

So Relic, the feature is still not there as advertised by the patch, we cant see the map after a game as stated in the patch, it’s getting incredibly frustrating being thrown out directly to the stats screen instead of seeing the bloody map.