“Unique” politician ideas

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I really like Italians and Maltese getting some new politicians with unique bonuses. Let’s do the same for older civs as well:

Where to put them: replace some underused ones or those that are too generic

The logistician (age 2): except those related to arsenal or military wagon, the rest could be renamed with a new portrait
Portuguese: the city watch
Spanish: the convoy

The mercenary contractor (age 3): updated for the new mercenary
French: zouave and mounted rifleman
Germans: giant grenadiers and bosniaks

The roundhead (age 3): 2 drummers
The industrialist (age 4): grant all factory upgrades, except mass production (I cannot imagine British having no factory bonus but any factory bonus would be too strong so this is what I come up with)

The royalist (age 4): same as the Italian one
The cardinal (age 3): grant all age 2-3 church upgrades, except mercantilism

The szlachta (age 3): 2 winged hussars
The archduchess (age 4): 10 line infantry

The guerrilla leader (age 3): need the miquelet as a new native or outlaw!

The voyager (age 2): 1 caravel
The guerrilla leader (age 3): need the miquelet as a new native or outlaw!

The irregular captain (age 3): 7 hajduks

The cossack ataman (age 3): 7 cossack daredevils
The shipwright (age 2): 1 dock wagon and 200w

The shareholder (age 3): 1 bank wagon
The pensionary (age 3): grant all mill and estate upgrades

The land surveyor (age 3): 1 copper mine prospector wagon
The szlachta (age 3): 2 winged hussars