Very underused politicians and how to fix them

Inventor (Age 2)

Not a good idea sacrificing some immediate unit/resource shipments for a little better scouting option…If you want to scout send the explorer or one or two cheap units. Hot air balloon is only slightly better than that. Not to mention it completely overlaps with a card (which is also useless).
Suggestion: rework it to something else. Maybe a tech cost/time bonus? (e.g. like the new British logistician, “first xxx tech is free”)

Mohawk Statesman

Most unit politicians are good but this one is not. Native tomahawks are not very good units and do not synchronize well with other regular units (cannot upgrade). Scouts are not so useful in age 3
Suggestion: similar to the many gimmicks with native embassy for the new civs, maybe send a native embassy wagon and unlock respective units/techs in it (rename to “Native Representative”, etc.)
For the civs that have this politician:
British: cherokee units & techs
French: huron units & techs
Portuguese: tupi units & techs
This is based on home city shipments, but can also be changed.

A more radical version gives a few options of native allies like US/Mexican ones
British: cherokee/udasi/sudanese
French: huron/sufi/berber
Portuguese: tupi/zen/jesuit
Partly history-based but can also be changed.
Also other civs may get this politician if it is changed in this way.


Tbh this one actually looks quite promising, but I feel if people want economic bonuses they usually go for those that directly grant crates, especially the quartermaster (400w) because it can be immediately used for military buildings.
Suggestion: no idea. This is probably a “good” option but overshadowed by other better options, which is inevitable, unlike some other options here that are pretty bad. Maybe just keep it as it is.

Mercenary Contractor (Age 3)

Discussed this before. It does not provide any immediate benefits. The productivity of tavern is poor. Most civs do not even build taverns in the first place.
And as with any other age 3 politicians, it got overshadowed by the exiled prince. But even for those without the exiled prince, people still prefer unit/resource shipments.
Suggestion: Maybe let it ship a small number of mercenaries (should have less value than other age 3 politicians because it gives a permanent bonus) or a tavern wagon (also increase tavern limit by +1)

In short any politician that does not directly grant military/building/resource are usually not used, except the exiled prince for obvious reasons.
Many age 5 politicians look bad as well, but I rarely reach age 5 so I have no idea.


I had some ideas for these here:

For these ones here were my buffs:

  • Inventor should also send some crates of books

  • Mohawk Statesman should replace native wood cost with coin

  • Naturalist should enable cows

I like the idea of making the Mercenary Contractor increase the Tavern build limit.


It’s very difficult to keep all option viable.

But yes, maybe a tavern wagon would be useful for merc contractors.

The Mohawk Stateman should grant native warriors that shadow tech each age.

The Age II Inventor could grant a free market technology plus the temporary Ballon.

The Age V Papal Guard could ship additional achaic units on top of allowing the last upgrades.

The Age V Knight could grant imperial tech to the main hand cavalry unit (Hussar, Cossack, and so…) once you have research guard tech.

Yeah that’s true but “not-so-good” and “bad” are different. The former is inevitable but the latter can be fixed so that they are at least situationally useful.
For example the old British logistician (which makes manors spawn longbows) is objectively a bad one. Even there is only one other not-so-good option (e.g. the naturalist) I’d still not use it.


Agree with everything except the naturalist which is a really good age up option.

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2 semi-fattened cows and 2 villagers

My version:
He gives us 3 semi-fattened cows and a farmyard cart

Optional: Animals gain weight 25% faster

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Isn’t it 2 semi-fattened and cows and 2 villagers? +25% fattening would be a nice extra though.


These are the changes that I would make

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Could be good, I do like the card as it is though. It’s good for sweden and I use it a lot with portugal too.

Mmm no soy muy bueno en esto pero tratare de pensar en algo a ver…

El inventor (II): En vez de valer 800 vale 700 para avanzar y además de otorgar un globo aerostático entrega un cajón de 100 de exp y mejora la linea de visión de los exploradores en 2.

El Estadista Mohawk (III): Siento que lo que escribiste esta bastante bueno colega.

La Naturalista (II): Pues Depende yo mala no la veo, es bastante útil si es tratado 20 minutos o si quieres hacer un boom ya que cuando se engorden esas 2 vacas que te envía serán mil de alimentos. (y creo que también entrega 2 colonos asi que es bastante buena)

El Contratista Mercenario (III): Además de otorgar esos mercenarios en la taberna debería poder entregar un pequeño grupo de estos como no se en el caso de los ingleses 3 o jeagers

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Maybe the mohawk statesman could give 4 haud tomahawks… but ally you with the haud (you get the techs and units of the haud vanilla minor civ, which is still present in Act II of Blood Ice Steel Campaign)

I always use Mercenary Contractor, and the only change I would do is add the Tavern Wagon and +1 Tavern Limit. This Politician is my favorite, its very useful for players who enjoy Mercenaries. :smile:


Naturalist is actually a hidden gem, it doesn’t need buffs. It is typically used as either part of FF or FI, since the cows grant easy food.


Bonjour, je suis d’accord que certains choix de politiciens ne sont pas du tout intéressants, comme par exemple le Mohawk Statesman, après comme dit on ne pourra jamais égaliser tout les choix, mais ceci dit les dev peuvent faire en sorte de rework ceux qui sont clairement les pires choix.

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The inventor should come with xp in the form of book crates. That’s a nice neutral bonus that makes thematic sense for an inventor.


Now that Italians and Maltese have some new “unique” politicians, the same can be done for other European civs as well.
For example there have been “logisticians” with very different effects and they really feel like placeholders.
Age 2 inventor is still quite weak and can be changed to a new unique politician for some civs.

BTW what about the “King’s musketeer” now give the new royal musketeer unit? Or give the royalist politician to French? (I can’t think of a civ where the “royalist” fits better).


Mohawk can be an excellent age up if you have a skirm or xbow mass.

I think they could be made viable in different situations. For example some could be used for the treaty game, and others could be used for supremacy.

I’m also a mercenary enjoyer and almost always pick the Mercenary Contractor, however I do admit that he is not that practical in a more competitive environment. I like the extra tavern idea, but I would suggest maybe a small price discount, or faster training, for mercenaries.

Either this and/or having the inventor unlock an unique tech for each civilization.

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Sometimes it becomes useless for what I explain here:

The Mercenary Contractor:

Sometimes it is a waste because the mercenaries that in principle qualify, many times they are already by default, and if you are going to take this option you are forced to build a tavern to know that you will not waste the politician. I propose that in case the Mameluke onesies and corsairs are already available (In the case of the Ottomans for example), they give you access to another 2 mersenarios who have some kind of historical argument.

The mercenary contractor of the imperial era, in addition to the benefits it currently grants, increases the tavern limit by 1.0 and makes them create a little faster. Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements) - #134 by OperaticShip743

In this case we could remove the ‘infinite native’ cards and leave this option for native cards to train at the embassy. In addition to granting 1 or 2 improvements / technologies.

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