Unique skins for Return of Rome units

I’ve read many suggesting that civilizations that have unit stat bonuses could have unique skins for them (this thread being the first where I’ve seen this proposed: (only) constructive feedback on AoE II RoR), as a way to add more flavor and uniqueness to their identities without messing with the classic gameplay by adding Unique Units. So, here’s a compilation I made with references of what these units would look like, according to each civilization’s bonuses!


Bowman shot 10% faster.


Chariots have +1 piercing armor.

(this one is actually an Assyrian)


Academy and Elephant units have +25% HP.

Camel Rider have +15 HP

(I couldn’t find any images of a Carthaginian camel rider, but I think, ironically, this one is Roman :grinning:).

Fire Galley have +25 attack.

If I had to choose one, I would choose the Elephant, as it is the most iconic, thanks to Hannibal!


Axeman and Short/ Broad/ Long Swordsman and Legion have +5/ +15/ +20/ +60/ +80 HP.


Chariot units have +33% HP.

Priests have +3 Range.


Catapult Trireme and Juggernaut shoot 33% faster.


Academy units move 30% faster and costs -20%.


All bowman +1 attack.

Warships (except Fire Galley) +2 range in Tool Age, +3 range in Bronze/ Iron Age.

(I couldn’t find anything about Hittyte warships, but I’m ironically adding these Egyptian ones).

Lac Viet

Archery Range units +2 armor.

(I could barely find this one, and I don’t know if the period or even the civ is correct :sweat_smile:).


Academy units +1 Pierce armor in Bronze Age, +2 in Iron Age.


Composite Bowman +2 Range.


Camel Rider move 25% faster.


Elephant Units move 25% faster.

Scout Ship line shoot 18/ 25/ 33% faster in Tool/ Bronze/ Iron Age.

(the trireme being rammed is the Persian one).


Swordsman attack 50% faster.



Cavalry line attacks 10% faster.

(I don’t know if the period is correct or even if they are all actually Chinese, sorry).


Camel Rider +1 pierce armor.


Ships +20% HP.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any pictures about what ancient Japanese ships looked like, so here’s how their cavalryman dressed, as all their Cavalry and Cavalry Archers cost -15%.

I chose not to consider siege engine-related bonuses, as many of the civilizations with siege bonuses have probably never used catapults or ballistae, and those that have used them are well served by the models already present in the game. I think they should add Rams in the future so the Sumerians and others can have unique models for them.

I also ignored bonuses off unit costs, as this doesn’t reflect any bonuses to strength, speed, or range that effectively make units more advantageous. Since I didn’t find anything about the Yamato ships, I added a cavalry example, although it was related to a discount bonus.

If you find better examples of the units here, please post them in the comments!