(only) constructive feedback on AoE II RoR

We will avoid the obvious bugs. Let’s go

Negative things

  • No old campaigns. Yes, remake them to AoE II DE standarts would have been quite work. But maybe they could had been added in a separate page of “classical campaigns” without triggers and voice lines.

  • Blurry models. IDK what happen to the port but the models seems a little blurry

  • No old models for some resources and elephants. I would love to get again the old gold, elephants and stone from AoE I

  • Overall I think IMHO that porting AoE I to AoE II DE would have been the best since the start. Okey, not the same feeling for purist, but a greater enhancement could have been done with fewer resources, I guess. Anyway, it’s done and the past can’t be changed.

Positive things

  • I’ve seen the tournament of pros, the game seems fast and very fun

  • I haven’t play random maps, but the first scenario that I played seems very fun and well done

  • Only three campaigns, but they cover 3 stories that we usually hadn’t touch. 2/3 campaigns uses civs that hadn’t one.

  • Different look for elite units it’s nice. Although the Heavy Cavalry Archer isn’t very different.

  • Actually you have done the port! Great job and big thanks for the work done.

  • Remaster of the main menu song, that was sick

Some improvements

  • Old campaigns on a different page (like the AoE II Europe, Asia, Africa, etc)

  • Old graphics for berries, stone, gold and elephants

  • Animal skulls and cacti on random map and scenarios like the ones of Age I. They are a distintive eyecandy from the OG Age.

Would be nice…

  • Unique Wonders for civ

  • 1 Unique visual for each civ. Instead of Unique Units with different stats, just take one unit that takes benefit from civ bonus (Greek Hoplite, Roman Legion) and make a unique visual without changing the balance. That would give a different feeling without compromising the OG gameplay. (Just the last upgrade)

  • More DLCs, with more campaigns and civs (Europe, Africa, Eurasian steppes, Asia…). Even just campaign packs (that could work on any Age of Empires)

I hope for more classical rogan, erectus and wololo this next years :slight_smile:


I had a feeling that some unit graphics were weirdly blurry. It’s possible they did not port them with same quality over as they are in AoE1DE. My guess is that RoR units are missing currently HD pack. Which means they either have to update their HD dlc or make new for RoR.


I think the DLC is great, they added a lot of AoE2 QoL changes, but not all so as not to treat it as a reskin. it still has a few Age 1 feelings at its core.
but I’m a bit sad that the community doesn’t like the DLC that much :frowning: … Steam reviews are at 59%… I hope that the DLC still sells well and that it finds its fan base. so that the AoE1 era finally gets more support: keyword DLCs and patches.


I will get to try it later tonight. I am pretty excited!

They forgot to add UHD versions to the UHD mode.


Hello there, I would like to emphasize a negative point.
I am playing age of empire 2 since 2002 and yesterday was the first time I played the AoE 1.

The game is really different, armors, attack, counters, building mechanics… And there is no in-game tutorial! Maybe I just didn’t find it but I am pretty sure they just don’t put any tutorial in the ROR dlc.


Bug on Guarding units.

On the second Sargon level I ordered the Chariots to Guard (hotkey W) the artifact. If I then clicke the group they won’t move at all unless the guarded unit moves, in which case they mvoe along with it.

Only fix is to click each unit of the group 1 by 1 and manually move it.

I am glad you made this thread. This forum and the forum on Steam are full of non-constructive complaints. I have played a few games already, but need to play more before I can provide constructive criticism. So far, I am really enjoying the DLC.


The tutorial would be the egyptian campaign they didnt port over together with all the other old campaigns


Have a look at the introductions from age of noob.


In my case I play AoE 2 since 2006 and AoE 1 since 2008…

Yes, it would help new players a lot…


For me, it is overall very positive:


  • Great job to have to port done ! I havent tried replays and mods, but looking forward to it !
  • Nice map pool with preview
  • I love the starting berry bush close to the TC ! Such a nice idea to consistently find the berreies !
  • Nice balance changes overall (not a fan of the LS nerf, but everything else look good). The Tool age rework is great ! At last we hae something else than mass axemen into mass slingers !


  • The AI seems to be lacking: lower diffuculties too strong, high difficulties too weak, compared to aoe2de
  • I didnt see a way to get old graphics&balance, which I enjoyed in aoe1de once in a while
  • No art of war for newcomers, only the short explanations in the news, and the hope that better players publisg some guides & videos
  • When I played, I didnt see (m)any lions/wolves around, which made scoiting more dangerous, It was funny to kill predators for food.

Would be nice:

  • improve the negative stuff
  • maybe make deer pushing easier, it feels harder than in aoe1de. Even though pros have no problem.
  • I need to play more to get a feeling of what I miss

The problem is that they made aoe2de after aoe1de. I guess aoe1 has once again been a “test” to see whether the more developed aoe2 would be well reveived, and to try out what works in a DE and what doesnt.

I think aoe2de would have been worse (even with its initial flaws) if the devs didnt make aoe1de before.


making 2 editor is a let down, merge the assets into one editor

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I agree with pretty much everything. I have another small negative remark to make: I feel like there are not enough predators on the map, and some of them aren’t agressive enough (I had four villagers walk into a crocodile by accident and it didn’t move).


I know that this kind of stuff exist on internet ^^
But à good game is supposed to provide the basis for begginer to understand the game.
It’s still a negative point ^^

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I had the exact same experience.


Also I forgot on the would be nice category, upgrades for some units:

  • Camel rider o Cataphract camel on Iron Age

  • Slinger to Skirmisher/Javelineer to have more ranged counter options on later age. (although the cost stone…)

  • Visual autoupgrades for Axeman and Archer chariot on Iron Age to Militia (a more modern looking melee unit) and Moun.ted Javelineer (basically most cavalry fought like that on Ancient age) No balance changes on those two.


Is the units only blurry in RoR mode or did they f up the normal aoe2 mode?

I think RoR is missing UHD textures if you have these with you regular aoe2.

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I think that if you watch it as a AoE2 DLC, as it was marketed, I really get the negative reviews. But looking at it as a standalone thing, as a improved AoE1 and AoE1 DLC, then I would say, that it is an amazing addition to the fanbase all in all.