Unique Technologies and Civilization Bonuses are not affecting all the units they should

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 101.101.50292.0 6958215
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Units outside of the main gameplay loop (RM, default AoE2 gameplay) are very inconsistently affected by Unique Technologies and Civ Bonuses (if at all). That’s a pity, considering the biggest variance Civilizations bring to the table in Custom Scenarios (CS) are how their bonuses and UTs affect such units. This small but significant variance means that, historically, the Japanese, Aztecs and the Celts were the best civilizations for Infantry heroes, as the Mongols were for Cavalry Archer heroes and the Britons were for Archer heroes. This small but fun aspect of CS could be expanded a lot further with the new civilizations and a better consistency among the bonuses and techs.

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the inconsistencies I could find that could be fixed safely without affecting or changing the main gameplay loop in any way, and an accompanying card game-like logic explaining why and how it could be done!

  • Celts
    Furor Celtica: affects Cobra Car, but doesn’t affect Sharkatzor. Both are Siege cheat units, so it should affect the Sharkatzor.

  • Japanese
    Kataparuto: based on how it is officialy worded as affecting Trebuchets, it should affect the hero trebuchets God’s Own Sling and Bad Neighbor.

  • Persians
    Mahouts: the tech tree states the tech affects War Elephants, but it also affects Battle Elephants. Mahouts affects all main game melee elephants, so it should also affect Abraha Elephant, Bayinnaung and Suryavarman I.

  • Saracens
    Zealotry: should also affect the Camel heroes Saladin, Babur and Musa ibn Nusayr.
    Camel units +10 hit points: same as above.

  • Aztecs
    Atlatl: the tech says it works on Skirmishers while also working on Genitours, so it should also affect the Genitour hero unit Tariq ibn Ziyad.

  • Huns
    Trebuchets +30% accuracy: same as Kataparuto. It should also affect Bad Neighbor and God’s Own Sling.

  • Mayans
    Hul’che Javelineers: same as Atlatl. It should also affect Tariq ibn Ziyad.

  • Spanish, Turks and Burgundians
    I’ll firstly list what each bonus specifically affects:
    Gunpowder units fire 18% faster: affects all units classified as a Hand Cannoneer in the game (including Royal Janissary, Photonman and Mustafa Pasha), Bombard Cannon and Cannon Galleon-line.
    Gunpowder units +25% hit points: only affects the Turk unique unit, the Hand Cannoneer unit and Bombard Cannon.
    Gunpowder units +25% attack: only affects Hand Cannoneer, Bombard Cannon and Cannon Galleon-line.
    To be consistent, the Turk HP bonus and the Burgundian attack bonus should also affect all Hand Cannoneers. The Turk HP bonus, the Spanish AS bonus and the Burgundian AP bonus should all affect Jean de Lorrain and Jean Bureau. It’d be nice if it the Spanish AS bonus, the Turk HP bonus and the Burgundian attack bonus also affected Conquistador units (Francisco de Orellana, Gonzalo Pizarro [and Conquistador/Elite Conquistador specifically for the Turk and Burgundian bonus]), as this would only be relevant in CS.

  • Indians
    Shatagni: should affect the entire Hand Cannoneer class (Janissary, Elite/Royal Janissary, Mustafa Pasha and Photonman) instead of only the archery range Hand Cannoneer.

  • Italians
    Pavise: only affects the Archer-line (Archer, Crossbowman and Arbalest), the Italian UU and Condottiero. I don’t understand why this doesn’t already work like the Briton range bonus, where it affects all Archer class units (except Skirmisher). Also, as the tech tree states it affects Condottieri in plural, it could reasonably affect Francesco Sforza.

  • Magyars
    Just leaving a quick note on how much I appreciate whoever coded the UT Recurve Bow. They took the effort in manually making it affect each Cavalry Archer unit in the game individually (including Heroes, excepting Genitour) instead of just the units used in the main gameplay loop. Thank you!

  • Ethiopians
    Archers fire 18% faster: same issue with Pavise. Only affects the archer-line units available in the archery range (not even Unique Units!). Should affect all Archer units, excepting the Skirmisher.

  • Burmese
    Battle Elephants +1/+1P armor: same as Mahouts. It should also affect Abraha Elephant, Bayinnaung and Suryavarman I.

  • Khmer
    Tusk Swords: only affects the stable Battle Elephant-line. Following the current implementation logic of other techs that only affect elephants it should also affect the War Elephant and Elite War Elephant, along with Abraha Elephant, Bayinnaung and Suryavarman I.
    Battle Elephants move 10% faster: same as above.

  • Vietnamese
    Chatras: following the reasoning used in other Elephant related techs, it should affect Abraha Elephant, Bayinnaung and Suryavarman I.

  • Lithuanians
    Tower Shields and the +10% movespeed buff could also affect the Heavy Pikeman.

And finally, Thumb Ring: while the accuracy increase affects all Archers and Cavalry Archers, the Attack Speed increase currently only affects Archers and Cavalry Archers present in the main gameplay loop (also the Heavy Crossbowman, curiously). Please, have it also affect Hero units!

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)


All the needed details are thoroughly explained in the Issues Experienced section. Thanks for the attention!


Minor issues but still issues, I agree. I’m still waiting for a fix in regards to the All Tech game mode Steppe lancer upgrade obstructing the Elite Battle Elephant one :confused:


Hey @CaseConstant523 ,
thanks for the report, sorry for the late reply, ive forwarded the issue to our team. :slight_smile:
Have a nic day and enjoy RBW5


Better late than never! I couldn’t thank you enough for this!

I can no longer edit the original post, so I’ll post an update here in the comments for the changes included in the latest expansion pack!

  • Bohemians
    Wagenburg Tactics: affects all the maingame gunpowder units correctly. So it should also affect their non-maingame counterparts, they being: Jean de Lorrain and Jean Bureau for the Bombard Cannon, Francisco de Orellana and Gonzalo Pizarro for the Conquistador, Admiral Yi Sun-Shin for the Turtle Ship and Royal Janissary, Photonman and Mustafa Pasha for the Hand Cannoneer and Janissary.
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Useless. Hero Trebuchets are already 100% accurate. Briton Warwolf tech can increase blast damage, but accuracy is also 100% again.

No, not useless. What if someone wants to change their accuracy? Then that person would have to make changes to that tech as well. Just because it doesn’t make much of a difference in the base game, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed.


Fixed in the latest patch