Unique units for ROR civs

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One disappointing point for many about Return of Rome is the absence of unique units. There never was any and despite being a staple of AOE2 since AOK, they still aren’t here. Which limits how unique each civ will feel.

So this topic aims at giving unique units for existing civs. Due to the fact that the tech tree is already quite restricted but puts heavy bonuses for core units, some might be unique upgrades.

Romans :

  • scorpion : a field scorpion lighter than the ballista, intended to be used as fire support for the legions
  • corvus quinquereme : a warship that causes heavy melee attack while crippling its target’s speed, locking itself on it while legionaries board the ship


  • chu-ko-nu. Yes, it’s back ! It was apparently invented around the 5th century ACN and improved by Zunge Liang in the 2nd century AD, and to no one’s surprise it’s a fast firing archer


  • siege tower. The Assyrians were excellent at sieging so please make it less useless than in AOE2


  • phalangist. A replacement of the hoplite with a range of 1 like the kamayuk, making macedonian phalanxes exceptionally strong


  • spartan hoplite : a stronger hoplite with regeneration
  • athenian trireme : give it a melee charge attack (like the coustillier) to be a ramming attack


  • numidian cavalry. A faster light cavalry with a cavalry bonus
  • arsenal (building) : a faster working port

Any other idea ?


Carthage used elephants a lot against Rome…various reports of battles using them and the shock to the Romans at seeing an elephant for the first time. There should be a different single unit elephant or more bonuses for elephants.

Elephants of Carthage were possibly forest elephants (or an equivalent subspecies already extinct today), therefore they should have less life and be more agile than a Persian elephant, because the elephants of Carthage were smaller and lighter.

Only Commander Hannibal’s elephant was of a different species, his elephant being much larger and heavier than the others. It is believed that Hannibal’s elephant was a Syrian elephant (which was larger than the Indian elephant). This Syrian elephant was extinct in ancient times, possibly the last ones to use the Syrian elephant were the Persians or maybe the Seleucids still had the last ones.

I would give Macedonia Companion Cavalry.


Yes I already made a thread about Unique Units ideas for all civilisations in the AoE1 forums.

Another thing

Obviously, it shouldn’t have ONE unique unit, because AoE2:DE, there are civilians that have 2 unique units.

So the right thing was to have at least 1 to 2 unique units, all according to each civilization.
In short, some civilians would have 2 unique units.

Yes, each civ should have at least 1 land UU.

I agree. I would probably call them ######### though.

Also, the Persians could probably get the Immortals, maybe with the same ability as the Ratha to switch between melee and ranged attack.

This being said, I think the devs will probably consider adding UT before UU…

Only question where it will be researched, Government Center or new building like Citadel, which would be castle like building and available only from Iron Age.

Government center seems like a perfect place for UT, and academy for land UU. Academy is underrused atm.


How many Topics do we have now?

Macedonian unique unit should be the Companion, a shock cavalry unit. I liked them so much as a kid I wrote a whole slideshow about them for school.

Edit: I wanted to use the actual name, but apparently that’s censored :man_shrugging:

Let me guess : starts with the greek for “same” or “equal” ?

Yes, I think that’s right.

“Caeterem, censeo Censorus Botus delendam esse” - Cato the Elder

58 so far… we are getting closer :rofl::joy::rofl::grin:

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