Unique Units ideas for all civilisations

Hippeus should be cavalry unit not infantry.

Sadly those were links to webpages

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Not for Sparta. For other parts of Greece, yes, but for the Spartans, it was actually an infantry, despite the name.

sorry webpages are in general blocked.

Disgusting elitist (20 characters)

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alle ikke engelske sprog er ikke bandlyst.

der findes massere af andre sprog og forumet har en oversættelses mulighed, ser massere af fransk og spansk for eksempel, og det her er endnu et :slight_smile:

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Het blijft grappig klinken om Deens te lezen haha. En bedankt voor de verduidelijking.

I think the reason why “hit i tes” gets censored is because of the “# # #” part

Probably could remove that word from the filter. I don’t think most people will use that combination of letters in the kid-unfriendly sense.

Edit: I think I was right, considering it got censored even with spaces between the letters.

I was joking.
I only got censored for foreign language words so far though.

I guess the problem is that they use an external filter list and that might be something that they can’t just easily edit.
I mean it would be kinda stupid if that tool didn’t have to option to Whitelist words.

Ingame we have a similar problem. Not sure if the bad word lists are the same.
But I think they should crawl the language files of their games and add all the civilisation, unit, buildings, technologies, etc. to the white list.
And that for all supported languages.

But in this thread we are talking about units that aren’t in the game yet so no good solution for that problem.

Hoplites were actually not only used by Greece

You are like 100% wrong, its the other way around. The devs literaly stated AoE isnt a historical simulation its a game first and foremost, it needs to be fun.

Also conservative isnt always bad, the notion that conservative is always bad is kinda weird. In this context its totally accaptable, to remake core concepts in the game is to change the entire game and by doing so it isnt a DE anymore but a new game.

If I wanted to play a simulation I would be playing a different game. Not saying you are argueing for this, but by saying that the game should be as much based on human history as possible, Romans could never fight Choson. Removing that match up is to remove the identity of AoE. If you want it to be close to, once in a while a disease should come by randomly killing 20-50% of your units.

The gate is logical because it was a pain in the ass to not have it. Castle building adds an entirely new building with defensive power which changes the gameplay entirely. Also castles mostly didnt exist in AoE I timeframe.

Besides that it sounds like you just want a AoE II clone with AoE I skin. Why? This wouldnt be AoE I anymore. Just a subgamemode of AoE II. You would probably not play it often anyways, barely any AoE II fans will. If its the same why not just stick to what you know? Same reason AoE IV hasnt stolen all AoE II players away. Same why AoE III failed. The games need their own player bases to survive as usually players tend to play one primarily.


Why not just add the UU to that building you get a single unit from? (Forgot the names of both the building and the unit)


If that is the building you are referring persians dont get it.

I knew there was one civ that doesn’t get it but not which.

They could be changed to have it but not the other units you get from it.

I think you misread my comment. The [Age of Empires] games are definitely supposed to be fun as well since they are “Games” which is the word that I chose to use to refer to this meaning when I wrote in my previous comment for what these digital programs are meant to be. Is it really that hard to think that (game = fun) because both of these words are closely associated with each other.

I may have picked the wrong word when I wrote my comment earlier, I think “Obstinate” was the word that I was looking for rather than “Conservative” which refers to someone who stubbornly or unreasonably adheres to an opinion, purpose, or course.

the Mesopotamians had the Kungas, the first known human-made hybrid animal, which were used in combat as War Chariots.

As mentioned in the article below, they were “bioengineered war machines”, and can’t be created again anymore, since the last hemippe perished more than a century ago.

[Scientists Identify Earliest Known Human-Made Hybrid Found in 4500-Year-Old Tomb (earthlymission.com)](https://earthlymission.com/kunga-discovery-earliest-known-hybrid-animal-breed-donkey-wild-ass

this is a copy paste from another thread