Unit Trait

In AGE there is a unit trait option with, Garrison unit, Ship unit, Stealth unit, Detector unit, Mechanical unit Biological unit, Self shielding unit, and Invisible unit. Now i know a little about how to use some of these, Eg. Garrison, Ship, and Detector units, but i don’t know what the rest are really for… any information will be greatly appreciated.

UGC guide is your friend Attributes - AoE2DE UGC Guide

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Some of those are for swgb game.

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Wow man! Thanks! thats a gold mine you gave me. A lot of content to explore there.

This is something I have written independently. Now I will use thieftdp8498’s link to explore more.


I have had Advanced Genie Editor downloaded for about two months now, and i am loving it.

It comes by default in DE. By the way, that is an article explaining the elements of Genie Editor.

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its not mine, I think its from someone in the aoe discord channel that maintains it

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