United States anti cav

So after playing A LOT of united States, one of the biggest issues I’ve found is countering cavelry, and I’ma go in depth with all the details. Simply put, united States needs better anticav, and I think carbonires are in desperate need if a buff

Including all of united States options (not including random mercenaries) that you can actually get in a game with 100 percent certainty, united States has 5 units with multipliers against cavelry. They are as follows:

The Tercios: Spanish pikemen you can call instead of minutemen after sending spanish immigrants, an age 1 card that costs 300 food. It’s actually a very solid shipment and I use it in plenty of strategies. The Tercios are very good units, but they are borderline impossible to mass and because of this can only really effectively counter raids and small cavelry support forces, and only if you happen to have minutemen available at the time

The Cowboys: one of the 5 units united States can get 100 percent of the time at the saloon, cowboys act as outlaw dragoons, and are very good at what they do. However in order to use them you are forced into a mercenary build, and need to send advanced saloon and dance hall for the population, as cowboys take up 6 population at base level, once again, making them difficult to mass

The carbonires: United States exclusive dragoons that are really cool in concept, as they shoot 2 shots in rapid succession. Available in age 3, but with a shipment can be trained in age 2, these units… Are not very good. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a dragoon, but just about every other dragoon unit is better in my experience. They’re just not that great

The Regulars: one if the bread and butter units of united States, regulars are solid musketeers, and like every other musketeer, they counter cav in melee. These are generally the go to when countering hang cavelry as there are easy to mass, and generally get the job done, but there’s a problem, and I’ll get to it later

Dragoons: united States can send a card in age 3 that ships dragoons and allows them to be trained at forts. These dragoons are easily the best anti cav they have access too, but once again, there are problems with them. Mainly the difficulty to mass, just like every other anti cav unit above except the regulars, and the crappy carbonires. These dragoons take extra long to train, and can only be trained from forts, and in most united States games, that will mean you’ll either have 0, 1, or 2 buildings to train them from (united States can get 5 or 6 forts, but it takes a long time to pull off)

Now let’s talk about regulars. As mentioned before, they can generally get the job done, but their problem is that they aren’t amazing, they’re just okay. Simply put, if a cab focused civ makes an army of just cav and throws it into the regulars, it’s a toss up who will come out victorious. I recently had a game where I had an army of veteran regulars with the united States army shipment against an army of veteran ulhans. Every battle either ended in a draw, or with my army getting bowled over despite my lead in score. Granted it took him a long time to kill me, but he was able to overcome my anticav with EXCLUSIVELY ulhans without ever switching to cannons or skirms or even supplementing with them. This issue can also be seen with currasiers, but they kind of do that to everyone, so it’s not the best example. Regulars don’t specialize in anticav, and so will lose battles that pikes, dops, samurai, and night anti cav specialized units would not

Something else of note is the minutemen and marines. I discovered the other day what while they have great stats, Marines and minutemen don’t actually have multipliers against cav. Their multipliers are actually against seige units (like petards and rams) and artillery. This surprised me, and I think it’s worth noting for anyone under artillery fire in their games

Now let’s talk about upgrades and cards. Not including advanced arsenal, united States has 1 card that boosts regulars (it’s very good why you should always take it) and 1 entire card that boosts any cavelry (compared to the 4 cards dedicated to infantry, not including age up cards) that one card boosting cavelry is not available until AGE 4, and it buffs ONLY carbonires, not huss. And when I say it buffs only carven years I mean it lists them by name, not ranged cavalry. If it was range cavalry I would send that and spam the dragoons instead.
What does this buff provide? A 25 percent damage increase, with no HP increase. While this is good on paper it still falls short of making carbonires good, it just makes them slightly better than the dragoons of other civs, not including cards.

As you can see, to overwhelm a United States player, all you need to do is reason highly buffed cav and you can roll right over them. If the carbonires were to be buffed, the issue would be solved, but until then, united States will have this huge glaring weakness


I agree 100%, since day 1 everyone has been saying the carbine cav need a buff, we’ve seen buffs to everything except the carbine cav. Not sure what the devs think about this unit but it is absolutely trash and probably the most useless unit in the game, the concept of 2 shot is nice but when it’s combined with low hp you cannot stand and fight and it takes too long for the 2 shots to adequately hit and run like a normal dragoon. The unit needs a rapid increase to rate of fire so the 2 shots are almost instant or just make it have much more hp like a cav archer.

Another result of the carbine cav being useless is no one uses sharpshooters, which are actually super underrated as these types of low hp skirms need to be combined with a strong dragoon as anti cav.


I don’t even consider building carbs and just go straight to the age 3 goon merc card.

I always go cav vs a USA player.:horse_racing:
Not for nothing their main unit (And the only one to get the guard upgrade) is the state militia which sucks vs cavalry (Being light infantry).

So far, I haven’t played more than 2 games with USA myself, so, I haven’t encountered this issue myself. Either way, It’s certainly an exploitable weakness.

I guess the best you can do is use regulars to protect weaker units and use your own hussars/carbine cavalry to engage directly (The hussars even the odds while the carbine cavalry tips the scale).

If you are against a french player, I guess the odds will be against you, so spam whatever light cavalry you can afford.

Cheers :horse:

In a way it’s like USA has more technologies than good military units…
Again, haven’t played with it as much.

This post is 100% true.

Carbine Cavalry are one of the very worst units in the entire game and they are one of the most IMPORTANT units in the game.

Anti-Cav cav are something that is a MUST HAVE against many civs. The Carbine Cav needs (imo) both an HP buff AND a damage buff. If they were worth building United States would probably jump a tier.


Us is good at infantry wars, but as soon as cavalry and artillery show up, they are pretty much done.


Yep exactly. I can’t even count the number of games I’ve had to resign because I see a ton of cavalry coming my way.

Artillery can be countered (funny enough) with the marines card in Age 3. It’s a pretty hard counter too. It gives marines a HUGE buff vs artillery. And the card makes it to where you can SPAM the levy ability whenever it’s off cooldown. You shouldn’t have too hard a time dealing with artillery UNLESS it’s mixed with Cav… then it’s just game over.

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I don’t know of marines as being so good, it feels artillery still trades very well with them. Sure you may beat artillery with marines temporarily, but you lose in the long term.

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I understand that the fact that they have a weak anticab is due to a balance issue, if it is good or bad, I do not know. The same goes for the Incas, you can say that their chimus and their archers are OPs, but they don’t have any efficient anticabs.

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But chimu runners are good against cav, they trade decently well with most types of cav except lancers.

Perhaps, if they are supported by other units, yes, but in most cases, heavy cavalry like Uhlanos, Cossacks and Hussars defeat them. Unless it is a late game and they are full upgraded. Still, they are no better than a European pikeman. This is due, in my opinion, to a balance issue, the Incas, like the US, have a very flexible army, with great firepower and efficient against the infantry, to counteract that, it is best to use masses of cavalry. Both civilizations make up for that disadvantage with the ability to quickly rebuild their forces in the midgame.

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I agree with your overall point, but I think Inca is a bit more rounded than USA when it comes to countering cavalry.

Usa doesn’t have a pikemen class, and carabine cavalry is mediocre. The only saving grace is the dragoon shipment, but even so, those dragoons are mediocre due to no upgrade cards.

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Nope, the Marines card is one of the best USA cards. It gives minutemen a huge buff vs artillery, razing buildings, and keeps them from losing health. So basically once you send that card you should SPAM the levy ability EVERY time it’s off cooldown. You’ll get a good mass of them.

They’re ultra cheap and if you lose a couple to artillery it’s no big lose… but it is for the other guy. Losing 3 falconets to a shipment of marines feels really bad.

Yes USA has a weakness against anticav, but definitely has more than viable options to deal with them, and you rightly listed them. Any of these options are better than China’s anticav options (that require a lot of cards space to be viable btw) by miles and people still complain lol.

Aside from dragoons, none of the options are capable of dealing with more than 5 hussars.

China can be easily fixed by allowing training of Manchu by default.


I like your fix. Perhaps making them only available in monastery by sending Atonement card and being able to shadow tech as well like US dragoons so they stay relevant.

With the US do not forget that we also have the x2 elite Apache cavalry in Age III. I have used them and know that are very good vs cav, easily dealing with 5 huss. Also Spanish pikes can be call multiple times.


As I said, only dragoons can be used out in the open combat. The spanish pikemen are good for defensive but they are difficult to get going in large scale combat away from your home city.
As for the other non-infinite shipments, they are problematic because they cannot be spammed. Sure, US can deal with 5 hussars in many way, but once it gets to cav spam, US is pretty much doomed.

Even the dragoons are kind of meh. They can only be built from forts, and while they shadow tech, they don’t have any upgrade cards, meaning they are the worst dragoons in the game.

My experience using Carbine Cavalry makes me feel something about the shooting animation (must shoot twice to do 9x2 damage) is a major disadvantage, whereas Dragoons instantly do their full damage.

Ideally with ranged cavalry, you want to kill melee cavalry instantly and limit your time standing in one location so you can run away and repeat.

Reminder that Carbine Cavalry (80 food, 80 gold) are cheaper than Dragoons (90 food, 90 gold), so therefore should be weaker, but the issue is their stats and animation are disproportionately worse than their lower cost.

Carbine Cavalry:
180 HP
10% Range Resist
9x2 damage
2.5 second attack speed
12-16 range (16 range only after veteran and guard upgrade + Arsenal upgrade)

200 HP
20% Range Resist
22 damage
3 second attack speed
12-14 range (14 range after arsenal upgrade)

I understand they are going for unique units with unique properties but it just makes it difficult to use to fulfill their role (ranged cavalry).

Maybe a slight damage boost (10 instead of 9?) and rework the Buffalo Soldiers card to provide 15% HP and ATT as an age 3 card? (Rather than 25% ATT and as age 4 card)


I wonder if the x2 attack gets affected twice by armor. I will need to test it.

If it does, since most cavalry has ranged resist, it’s pretty bad…

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