Units after conversion inherit the LOS of the old unit

Affected units: Son of Osiris, Ulfsark, Atlantean Heroes, Hero of Ragnarok, Settlement under construction and units from mods.

Case1: set the LOS of Murmillo Hero to 50 in a mod, go to editor convert a Murmillo to Murmillo hero, the LOS of Murmillo changes nothing. Then research a tech, which affects LOS like Lemurian Descendants and the LOS of your Murmillo hero turns to normal 50+9=59.

Case2: set the LOS of Town Center to 100 in a mod, go to editor, delete your own Town Center and try to build a new one, the new Town Center has 100 LOS even under construction stage, but it shouldn’t.

In Case2 buildpoints is related the problem. If you set the buildpoints of “Settlement” from 30 to 121, the Town Center inherits the LOS of “Settlement”.

If Citadel Center has the same (or less) buildpoints like Town Center, it inherits the LOS of Town Center.