Units and Buildings are black boxes

i recently played a teamgame and this happened to my teammate. The wood was entirely invisible.

Hello, thanks for the report.
What is your GPU? What’s your OS? Any overlays were active when you got the issue (discord, rivatuner, nvidia…)?

Using any 3rd party mods/textures being used? If so, maybe try disabling

have the same bug, mid game, black screen idle for some secs then comes back the screen with black boxes. FOrum rules dont let me upload pics but the image above its exactly the same.
I have an amd radeon rx5600 gpu and have been playing some years now with this laptop.
At first I thought it could be a gpu issue with overheating, but it seems more like a bug, what do you say?

Just wanted to add that I’m experiencing this issue as well. The game freezes for a couple seconds partway through a game and then the graphics turn into black squares. Only happens occasionally, but it’s happened twice to me now within the last week.

Same thing for me and it’s doing it a lot like almost every time after 5 minutes in game ! It’s just unplayable !
Please, some in AOE II DE team, investigate !
Oh and only using the bigger minimap for Mods and I tried without it !