Units are able to walk over objects they should not

Game Version: 101.101.34699.0

  • Build 4580616

Issue: Units are walking over obstacles like there’s nothing there.

I’ve seen it in two games now. My villagers just walked over a gold ore. I went to raid with scout cav and the enemy was fully walled, yet my scouts managed to simply walk over the stone ores and kill them. These were in a mega random game.
I’ve seen two knights simply walk over a house I used to block the passage in a Black Forest Game.
All on ranked matches. My friend that was with me had the same issue, enemy scouts passed through his lumber camp.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a game (most likely mega random);
  2. Try to make units walk over gold ores, stone ores, lumber camps or houses (these were the objects I noticed with the bug.
  3. Block other passages, so there is no other way around;
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