Wall Clipping (Gamebreaking)

Game Version:

  • Build 34699
  • Platform Steam


There seems to be a bug, in which units can clip through walls. I just played a game on Arena as Khmer and the enemys (Khmer, Mongols and Atztecs) managed it to clip their scouts/eagle and villagers thorough our walls. This happend in dark and feudal age. It was possible through palisades (had it with Paladins in the game b4) and stone walls. Even to straight walls(no trees etc around).

Reproduction Steps:

In the Arena games, it was done by the enemys. In my Paladin game, the only notable fact was that they where stacked in a small space between walls, a house and a tree (one tile entrance). Normal walking, no patrol.

In the Arena game, there was no stacking however. One scout managed it with on an open wall.

It probably related to your pathing changes. I dont have many more information. Hope you can hotfix this. Have a nice day!


MBL’s arena game: Video Clip, Hera’s Steppe game: Video clip 2 and DauT’s hunter on top of gold mine Video clip 3about issue.

This bug seems happen with current information for Khmer buildings such as walls, houses, foundations and resources.


Happened to me. I was playing as Franks, against Italians.

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Here’s another clip from MembTV’s stream. https://clips.twitch.tv/EsteemedSarcasticHippoPhilosoraptor

Just want to add, the AI did this to me on the India 2 campaign level.

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Doesn’t seem to be related to Khmer. Just had it in a game with no Khmer.

Happened to me twice in a game. There’s a lot of people in aoezone complaining about this bug

Game Version:

  • Build (34699)
  • Platform (Steam)


Units are able to cross finished walls.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. No idea how to reproduce but it’s game breaking in my opinion, some investigation should be done.

#1 https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/775117295865376004/FCE24BC565F0188056E250F0E3F83392F7EB7CB1/
#2 /ugc/775117295865377296/D2122B38B70791D49AAE713823084A1466DB10EA/
#3 /ugc/775117295865378020/E2A90B205798BD57837F08BDE33F528FDB7F403C/

Later in the game, a vill crossed another wall, using the same bug…
#4 https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/775117295865453284/DE31EA61151456B0C3606EF45AFEE55D87A2BB14/
And just like that, he went back again, turns out it is just some kind of feature :smile:

(sorry, had to cut the domain from the #2 and #3 links because I’m a new user and can only post two)

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Yep, this is game breaking. Makes walls pointless.


At least it’s laughable… I had a good one with that Memb clip :smile:

Game breaking bugs…

Can we get this hotfixed please?!

This is like P0 bug in basic game mechanics.
Sad to see this state :frowning:


“Walls not working anymore” should have been mentioned as a balance change. This way this could be presented as a feature, not a bug :smirk:

This bug is not limited to walls but also happens with normal houses.


This bug is not limited to building but can also happen with trees. Saw an horse (steppe map horse) stucks behind trees.

Also building foundations (not only walls, but houses, too). Also gold/stone mines, yes. I had villagers glitching through one (and wall foundations) when quickwalling a stone mine. Unrelated to Khmer.

Seriously, do devs not have their builds tested anymore? I played two team games after the patch, and that happened in both games at least once.

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This is truly game breaking, there’s no competitive scene if this isn’t fixed. It’s way too random and brings too much uncertainity (taking away the strategy part of the game).

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Witness enemy units walk straight through double stone walls. Believe it has to do with when a wall is built on an elevation, but witness several units walk straight through.


Yeah had a villager walk straight through a Barracks built on elevation too. I mean she was right that it was the most direct path, but wrong in terms of intended physics. Must remember I can record stuff like that with Game Bar!

Yea, happen in two different games, first time I saw it my friends thought I was crazy then saw it again with several enemy units in another game we played.