Units Historical Appearance-Chinese(Support Multiplayer)

The setting of Age of Empire3 is the era of great navigation to the 20th century, China is the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. This mod changes the Chinese arms into the actual costume in history, in which Age 2 and 3 are set as the Ming Dynasty, and Age 4 and 5 are set as the Qing Dynasty. In addition, OLD HAN ARMY REFORM and Wesstern Reforms can change the Chinese arms into the style of modern Huai Army, Xiang Army, and Beiyang New Army.

Because there are too many historical errors in the “UNIQUE HISTORICAL ARMY SKINS - (Far East) THE FAR EAST! S.XVII-XIX - MULTIPLAYER” produced by DeathAndHell485, My friend GE-Erika, GwentMaster2163 and I co-produced this MOD, as Chinese, I think we have more voice in the Chinese arms, the textures are created by us combined with historical images

For plagiarism, please see here.

Statement against plagiarism and theft. About MOD: UNIQUE HISTORICAL ARMY SKINS - (Far East) THE FAR EAST! S.XVII-XIX - Age of Empires III: DE / III - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum
In fact, I want to tell DeathAndHell485 that If you want to use our models or textures for reference. You should make a statement in mod introduction. However, you have use our models or textures, but you have never admit it, and you have been quibbling and covering up. It is immoral and disrespectful of intellectual property.

This mod also draws on some textures of DeathAndHell485, like the textures of Qiang pikeman and EVER VICTORIOUS ARMY. In fact, if you just Admit that you used my models or textures , I won’t be so angry. We are all very fond of making mods. I also want to be friends with you and exchange experience with you.Please be an honest child, and God will bless you!

(Contact me: wjp910212@qq.com

Enjoy it!

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