Units randomly getting stuck permanently

I saw this today. A Villager started walking on water like it was Jesus, just to reach a tree to chop down, which was originally obstructed by a building.

lol i like the vid title

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Hello, friend! I want to add a GIF such like this one of yours on my last bug report. How have you made this one? Thanks!

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OBS Studio first to record, and to convert the video to GIF, this tool.

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Phenomenal! Thanks you a lot! :smile:

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It happens very often! :neutral_face:


happens to me a lot, every game happens.

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Just when I thought I was having a good time, playing one of the campaign scenarios without the issue, THIS happened:

Winset’s other Z (Big Momma) got completely stuck in a berry bush! :expressionless:

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Game Version:

  • Build: 38862
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Sometimes, units come so close from each other when they assemble together that they end going inside one another hit boxes, becoming attached and unable to move unless they get detached.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Select a unit group.
  2. Assemble them somewhere, trying to keep them as close from each other as possible.
  3. Observe how close they come from one another. As they use to become as closer as possible under certain circumstances, eventually two or more can come stuck.


Age of Empires DE Units stuck on each other 800 x 450


if you have Nvidia just Alt+F9 (with ShadowPlay), no need of 3rd programs.

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This bug happen all part of the game (campaign/multi)

I’ve notice that this bug happen much more (but not only!) when you use bigs units, example : elephants, chariots, cavalery, catapulte (no matter about the second unit, that could be another big unit or a small (or two))

For stoping this, you can, as one of these videos, pick the blocked units, make them stop their action (the hand), and them make an action (walk/right click) of one to a direction, and make an action to the second (and/or others) to an opposite way. If that don’t work, repeat, again and again… and again…
BUT, that don’t work all the time. So… try and see ? (sometimes it takes me more than a minute to unlock them). Or kill one of them if you don’t have time to waste…


I hope there’s a plan to fix this because it didn’t happen to me before 38862 update :pleading_face:

I really don’t want AoE1DE to be left behind as it is right now :disappointed:


I also really like AOE1. But all the attention is paid to AOE2. It’s not fair.


There’s also a discussion on Steam about this issue: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1017900/discussions/0/2792746417831935130/

I remember this issue from the original game.

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I don’t know why it made a come back with version 38862. With update 36211 it didn’t happen to me at all, and I managed to pile up lots of hours (100+) back then.

One of the main reasons why I stopped playing AoE :DE. It got pretty frustrating.


Yeah. Even though I was very, very excited for update 38862, I stopped playing soon after.

Some days ago, I started playing again, since I love the game nevertheless. But I do want devs to fix this mess so we can enjoy the game more and more with each update.


This happens to me almost every game I play whether single player or multiplayer through the gaming Lobby.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I didn’t know it happened in multiplayer as well.