Unit's silhouettes when behind buildings need adjusting

Can you spot the villager? (Not that one! the silhouette to the right is a sheep)

Right now, their oppacity is so low that brightly lit objects (like those tiles) virtually override the villager. Maybe due to the filter disproportionally influencing lighter/darker overlapping shapes.

In comparison, here is a little snippet from our old friend, Age of Mythology

Unit’s silhouettes fully overlap whats infront with a very bright colour. This is much better for readability, as the state in which it currently is, both reduces visibility of buildings as well as the silhouettes themselves. By being 100% opacity, they would be fully visible and I don’t think this would retract from the buildings themselves, as there would be no confusion as to what is part of it and what isn’t.


Look again: Ironically, the colour of your team is brighter and more visible–this makes it confusing, as at a glance, how are you to tell what SHADE of pink is a villager?

I fully believe you can’t have both ways. I think AoM’s approach is the right one. What do you think?

From that image i agree with you. It’s hard to tell. Need a better contrast maybe… What is your resolution and monitor size? I play on a 27’ at 4k and i never had problem to reconize units behind structure

32" 1440p. It isn’t really that I struggle to see them, but rather recognizing that it could be more visible. Like stated above, these pictures show a solution that is neither good for visuals nor for visibility. Since they overlap and blend together, it more resembles a stain on the building as opposed to a hard shape of an unit.

Just think it could look cleaner! And, surely it attributes slightly to the occasional idle villager.

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Not a fan of big colourful blobs I think the silhouettes should have a strong outline that has a bight next to a dark line in it so it can be seen behind everything.